This is a 12 picture collage with the photos separated by white bars. In the top left corner is a picture of white chocolate bark embedded with candy corn. To the right is a chocolate bark that has candy corn and halloween sprinkles embedded in it. The next photo to the right is of a candy bark that's swirled with purple orange and black and contains sweet tart candies embedded in it. The final photo in the top row is of some white fudge with candy corn embedded in it. The second row begins with a stack of homemade twix bars with a cookie layer under a careamel and chocolate top. The next photo is a pan of white fudge with a choclate spider web drawn on it. Round choclate candies and piped legs create spiders on the web. The next photo is a stack of homemade snickers bars which are stacked in a pyramid and cut in half to expose the peanut, nougat, and caramel centers. The final photo in the second row is a choclate and toffee candy made on crackers. It's been broken into pieces exposing the cracker underneath. It's topped with orange, yellow, and purple Halloween sprinkles. The bottom row, from left to right is a photo of some candy corn encrusted fudge on a cutting board, a photo of pumpkins made of chocolate, a basket of some orange, black and white candy, and a tray of black and white candy bark.

Homemade Halloween Candy

I realize that you can’t handout homemade Halloween candy to trick or treaters, but you can share it with friends and family. This collection of homemade Halloween candies contains simple and more complicated recipes. There’s lots of fun ideas that can be made with the kids, too. Check out this collection of recipes for homemade Halloween Candy and let us know what you think by […]

A collage of 8 photos which include a photo of a chocolate Halloween Trifle. Halloween cookie dough balls, Halloween dirt cups, swam monsters, chocolate marshmallow cauldrons, chocolate eye ball cookies, and witches hats and pretzel spiders.

No Bake Halloween Treats

No bake Halloween treats are the perfect solution if you don’t want to turn on the oven or if your oven is broken. Some of these recipes are simple enough for the kids to make by themselves. Others require some adult supervision. Whichever of these no bake Halloween treats you choose to prepare, you’re going to enjoy them, so get in the kitchen and make […]

a six photo collage that contains photos of monstere eyes that are yellowish orange with white corneas and brown pupils on them, chocolate caldrons on top of sticks decorated with eyeballs and greenish frosting, chocolate truffles made to look like bats, orange, black, and white truffles on sticks decorated with candy eyes, and round truffles decorated to look like mummies--one with a bite missing revealing a pumpkin cheesecake filling. The final picture is of popsicle shaped cake pops decorated in orange and green and lined with frosting. These aren't popsicles, but cakesicles filled with the same filling as cake pops.

Halloween Truffles, Cake Pops, and Cakesicles

I don’t know about you, but I love truffles, and cake pops. They’re rich, decadent, and delicious. I had never heard of cakesicles until recently, but I love the idea of a popsicle sized cake pop. Where desserts are concerned, I believe that more is definitely better. Since we love these so much, we have collected several recipes for amazing Halloween themed truffles, cake pops, […]

A collage showing four different cakes. Starting on the top left there's a cake, frosted with white frosting and layered with oreo crumbs. Around the top, there's a ring of crushed oreos around the top of the cake and oreo cookies decorated to look like bats are arranged on the top. To it's right, there's a multicolored cake --orange, green, and purple, frosted with white frosting and topped with sprinkles. Below that cake, is a cake which looks like a bleeding human grain with a knife sticking out of if. The last photo is to the left of that one and is a chocolate single layer of brownies, topped with meringue that's been toasted.

Four Halloween Cakes

Why have we put together a post of four Halloween Cakes? I thought that if you’re like me and like to have a scary Halloween dinner before the children go out to trick or treat, you might want to serve a dessert. You can always serve up some graveyard pudding, but what if you want something different. That’s the reason why I have collected these […]

A collage containing six pictures of cookies and bars. The pictures on the top are three across. The left hand picture is green witches finger cookies with red nails. The center is plated black bats with red eye, the right sided picture is green Frankenstein cookies with large candy eyes. The bottom row has a cemetery made out of a pan of brownies with milano cookies decorated with RIP arranged in them. The center photo is bars decorated with candy corn and candy eyes. The bottom right photo is white cookies decorated to look like mummies.

Halloween Bars and Cookies

Bars and Cookies are one of my favorite things to make for any holiday. Halloween is no exception. If I’m preparing for guests, I will definitely have a large tray loaded with Halloween bars and cookies. It’s fun to have more than one type of cookie or bar for people to try, and some of these recipes look more complicated than they are, so they’re […]

A collage of pictures which consist of homemade snickers bars that have been cut in half to show the peanuts, caramel, and nougat and matcha popsicles, pumpkin spice rice krispie treats, round balls of chocolate with eyes and wings resembling bats, chocolate cupcakes frosted wiht white frosting with dark eyes to resemble ghosts, there are small chocolate cookies with fudgie witches hats on top, and fruit cups decorated with black eyes, nose, and mouth to look like jack-o-lanterns.

12 Vegan Treats for Halloween

Even though our household is not strictly vegan, since we spent a month eating vegan, I still occasionally whip up a vegan meal. Sometimes, it’s just for us, but other times, it’s for a vegan friend. As I was collecting all of these recipes for delicious Halloween Treats for posts, I decided to take the time to collect some vegan treats for Halloween, too. Check […]

A collage that contains pictures of candied apples coated in red sugar candy, caramel apples (both plain and coated in candy and nuts), strawberries covered with chocolate and decorated like ghosts and skulls. A parfait of white cream, orange , and yellow fruit, and commercial fruit cups filled with an orang colored fruit and decorated to look like jack-o-lanters.

11 Fruit Based Halloween Treats

This collection of eleven fruit based Halloween treats is sure to provide something that you can serve to your family to help them to eat more fruit. Making a point to find Halloween treats that are made with fruit may seem like a strange idea, but there has to be some sort of balance, right? I mean, the kids can’t live on candy. Mine would […]

A collage of halloween themed cupcakes. There are cupcakes that look like frankenstein, cupcakes that look like ghosts, a cupcake with a bloody eyeball, and a cupcake drizzled with blood. Another cupcake has a witches hat on top and another has a delicat spider web made from white chocolate.

21 Halloween Themed Cupcakes

Halloween themed cupcakes are a great party food. Their portable, and they’re pretty simple to decorate. If you’re throwing a Halloween party, don’t stop setting the stage with just the decorations and music/sounds. Halloween themed foods are a great way to add another layer of excitement to your party, and spooky themed foods are a great way to make your party even better. Cupcakes are […]

A plate filled with slices of rare meat with beautiful carmelization around the edges, asparagus, and tomatoes.

How to Stock Your Kitchen for Easy Meals

You need four components to be able to easily put together a well balanced meal. Those components are protein, produce, side starches, and spices or sauces. When you have these components, you can easily create a variety of simple and delicious meals.

A view into a bowl containing a tossed salad. Visible in the bowl is an array of vegetables including lettuce, half cherry tomatoes, halved large blace olives, red bell pepper, and cucumber slices tossed with pieces of crumbled feta cheese. The vegetables are glistening due to being tossed with dressing.

Greek Salad (Salata)

Greek Salad, or Salata, is a recipe that we discovered one Thanksgiving, and we’ve been making it ever since. This Greek Salad is simple and flavorful. It makes a great starter, or side dish to any meal with Mediterranean flavors. It’s also the perfect accompaniment for grilled meat. The combination of flavors are light, fresh, but still robust. I’m telling you. This salad is amazing. […]