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Patty Cake's Pantry is all about having a well stocked pantry.

Welcome to, a food blog that helps inexperienced cooks build their kitchen skills so they can prepare simple and delicious meals for themselves and their families.

My name is Patti Cake, and this blog is my brain child. I began this blog to help people learn to prepare food for themselves at home. I understand that meal preparation is a huge challenge for many people. I have had periods in my life where I struggled to get dinner on the table for my family. I shudder to think how much money we have wasted eating out because I didn’t really have any culinary confidence, or a plan to get dinner on the table.

I’m sort of camera shy, so this Patti Cake will represent me, for now.

As my cooking skills have improved, I have become sort of a mad kitchen scientist. I love to experiment, and play, with my food–at least while I’m  in the kitchen.  At the table, I really try to have better manners.  After all, I am a mother and must be a good role model to my three children.   Because we have wasted so much money on take out and restaurants over the years, I am determined to prepare tasty, frugal, and nutritious meals for my family. Did I mention that I am trying to do this while holding down a full-time job? That’s why I love simple recipes.

The official mission of Patty Cake’s Pantry is to demystify the process of meal preparation so that even novice cooks, with no experience, can learn to prepare simple, delicious, and frugal meals for themselves and their families.

I also plan to share information on the principle of building a pantry with simple staple items, purchased at the best price, which can be utilized as the building blocks of simple, healthy, and nutritious meals. In this way, when you’re shopping, the majority of your purchases will be to re-stock your pantry which means you can watch for sales on those items to replenish your food supply at the best possible price.

Eating out of your pantry doesn’t mean that your diet will be boring.

Don’t worry! Fresh ingredients can be added for more variety in your meals, and it’s amazing how many different meals you can make from the same pantry staples. Keep checking back, and you’ll see what we mean. In the meantime, think about flour and baking powder. These two common pantry staples can be used to make cookies, cakes, or biscuits.

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On the Patty Cake’s Pantry website, you will find:

Many of our recipes contain the cost of the ingredients as well as cost per serving.  Our hope is to have this information on all of our recipes, so readers can learn that delicious, frugal meals are possible.

As you explore the Patty Cake’s Pantry website, I want you to see that I understand what it’s like to lack culinary skills, or to lack confidence in your culinary skills.   Some of the recipes on this site may seem weird, and some of them may use convenience foods, but each of the recipes published have to be approved by my family of five.  If they don’t like it, it doesn’t get published.  (I also use some of my co-workers as taste testers.)

My hope is that as you begin to experience some success with simple recipes, you will develop the confidence to try some slightly more complicated dishes.  As you become more confident in your ability to create delicious meals, my desire is that you will begin to build a pantry from which you can easily create a variety of recipes without having to run to the store for ingredients.

Thanks for stopping by to visit.  We appreciate your support.  Comments, questions,  and constructive criticism are always welcome.

We hope that you’ll come back for another visit, real soon.

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