A collage of 6 photos of different mashed potatoe recipes.

41 Mashed Potatoes Recipes

In my house, mashed potatoes are a mandatory component of our Thanksgiving dinner. In fact, every Thanksgiving, its Bus Boy, my oldest, who accompanies me to the kitchen in the early morning and begins peeling the potatoes while I get the turkey ready to go into the oven. I generally use the same mashed potato recipe over and over each year, but this year, I […]

A collage containing six photos. Top left photo is of balls rolled in a golden brown crumb coating, next is a bowl of an orangish brown dip with visible chocolate chips. To the right of that are round hand pies with white frosting on top. Below those is a cooling rack covered wtih pumpkin muffins spiked with chocolate chips. To the left of that is a photo of individual sized pumpkin pies, and to the left of that is a tray of cooked bacon curls.

Fun Food for Fall

It’s fall, and everyone is all about pumpkin spice, warm sweaters, and apples. It’s a great time of year to gather the children in the kitchen and do some cooking to create some great memories and enjoy some of these fun treats. We’ve collected recipes which will help you to some make fun food for fall to share with your family. We tried to get […]

A large photo of a bottle of amarula vanilla spice cream next to a mug filled with a light amber liquid that's topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with spices is to the left. To the right are two smaller photos. One is of a tall glass with red, blood-like drips coming from the rim of the glass which is filled with a pale pink liquid and glass. A wedge of lime os on the top of the glass. Below that phot is a cup sitting on a gray napkin on an orange background. The cup is filled wiht a layered drink that has layers and streaks of white, red, and black visible through the sides of the plastic cup. The top is covered with whipped cream and sprinkled with black edible glitter.

Halloween Beverages

I’ve been busy collecting an assortment of Halloween treats, but I realized that you might want to serve a festive drink on Halloween, too. As a result, I decided to collect a few Halloween beverages for you to consider as an option this Halloween. I realize that there are only three, but Halloween is tomorrow, so I had limited time. Two of them are definitely […]

This is a four image collage with the photos outlined with black frames. This is a description of the top left photo In the background of this photo are various pumpkins of different sizes and shapes and vases full of flowers of white, orange, and salmon colors. These items are in a soft focus and are slightly blurry. In the foreground of the photo is a white plate that's topped with several hand pies. The cream colored crusts have been glazed with a thin white frosting. At the seams of the hand pies small amounts of the golden maple, pumpkin filling is oozing out. To the right of that is a photo of A pan of twisted dough that resembles intestines. There is red frosting drizzled over the top of the "intestines" to give the appearance of blood. Black plastic spiders have been placed in random spots in the pan. Below that is a picture of donuts. A purple cloth is the backdrop to this photo. A white cutting board sits on the cloth and is topped with three donuts two orange frosted donuts are on the outside and are topped with different colored sprinkles. In the center is a purple frosted donut with black and green sprinkles on top. There are three other bluish purple frosted donuts sitting above the cutting board on the purple cloth. Each of them is covered in a different combination of sprinkles--yellow and black dots, yellow, black, and purple dogs with purple and black sprinkles, and one completely covered in assorted colors of sprinkles. To the right of that is a white mound with a sheet of fondant draping over it with two candy eyes stuck on it to create the appearance of a ghost.

Halloween Breakfast Treats

Halloween is only a couple days from now, and I don’t know about you, but my children love to participate in fun activities all day long. Since they love to be fully immersed in the holiday, why not begin the day with a Halloween breakfast? We love to have Halloween themed breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. What follows is five different Halloween breakfast treats that you […]

A two photo collage. One photo is of cherry hand pies that look like mummies, The other phot is of apple hand pies that look like mummies.

Halloween Hand Pies

These apple and cherry filled Halloween hand pies are an adorable idea for a great Halloween dessert to serve after your Halloween dinner. When I saw these, I knew that I had to share them here with you. They’re the perfect Halloween treat. Mummy Cherry Hand Pies recipe Mummy Cherry Hand Pies are a fun and easy spooky Halloween treat! This Halloween dessert idea uses […]

An 8 photo collage assembled so the photos are in a square. There is a photo of frankenstein rice kirspie treats, two different types of mummy rice kirspie treats, ghost rice krispie treats, spider rice kirspie treats, pumpkin shaped rice krispie treats, and a plate of frosted rice krispie treats that have streaks of orange, black and white on the surface. The final photo is of balls of rice krispie treats with candy eyes stuck on them to look like monster rice krispie treats.

Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Halloween rice krispie treats really are perfect. They’re so very versatile. As we mentioned before, crispy rice treats can be formed in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so that makes them the perfect treat for any holiday. Here are eight different ways to dress up your Rice Krispie Treats for Halloween. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect Halloween rice krispie treat for your family. […]

This is a 12 picture collage with the photos separated by white bars. In the top left corner is a picture of white chocolate bark embedded with candy corn. To the right is a chocolate bark that has candy corn and halloween sprinkles embedded in it. The next photo to the right is of a candy bark that's swirled with purple orange and black and contains sweet tart candies embedded in it. The final photo in the top row is of some white fudge with candy corn embedded in it. The second row begins with a stack of homemade twix bars with a cookie layer under a careamel and chocolate top. The next photo is a pan of white fudge with a choclate spider web drawn on it. Round choclate candies and piped legs create spiders on the web. The next photo is a stack of homemade snickers bars which are stacked in a pyramid and cut in half to expose the peanut, nougat, and caramel centers. The final photo in the second row is a choclate and toffee candy made on crackers. It's been broken into pieces exposing the cracker underneath. It's topped with orange, yellow, and purple Halloween sprinkles. The bottom row, from left to right is a photo of some candy corn encrusted fudge on a cutting board, a photo of pumpkins made of chocolate, a basket of some orange, black and white candy, and a tray of black and white candy bark.

Homemade Halloween Candy

I realize that you can’t handout homemade Halloween candy to trick or treaters, but you can share it with friends and family. This collection of homemade Halloween candies contains simple and more complicated recipes. There’s lots of fun ideas that can be made with the kids, too. Check out this collection of recipes for homemade Halloween Candy and let us know what you think by […]

This is a four photo collage which shows some of the siix creative ideas for Halloween. Specifically, a Halloween ginger bread house, a three tiered plate with food for a Halloween tea party, a char-BOO-terie board, andt a table topped with three Halloween treats.

Six Creative Ideas for Halloween

This collection of six creative ideas for Halloween is something that seemed like a great ideas to share to help you to plan some fun Halloween activities with your family. Not everyone likes to go out trick or treating, especially with the changes that the world has been experiencing lately. These ideas are all great ideas for a fun Halloween evening at home, so pick […]

This is a 7 photo collage of Halloween snack mixes. Photos of green slime popcorn, witch finger pretzel rodstwo types of Halloween Puppy Chow, candied Halloween popcorn, monster halloween popcorn, and gross and scary Halloween snack mix.

Halloween Snack Mixes

If you’re looking for something that’s not a cake or cookie to serve at your Halloween party, check out these different Halloween snack mixes. You’re sure to find something you’ll love. Halloween Puppy Chow This Halloween Puppy Chow combines colorful Halloween candy with crunchy Chex cereal, chocolate chips, and peanut butter into a festive and flavorful treat the whole family will love! Monster Halloween Popcorn […]

A collage of 8 photos which include a photo of a chocolate Halloween Trifle. Halloween cookie dough balls, Halloween dirt cups, swam monsters, chocolate marshmallow cauldrons, chocolate eye ball cookies, and witches hats and pretzel spiders.

No Bake Halloween Treats

No bake Halloween treats are the perfect solution if you don’t want to turn on the oven or if your oven is broken. Some of these recipes are simple enough for the kids to make by themselves. Others require some adult supervision. Whichever of these no bake Halloween treats you choose to prepare, you’re going to enjoy them, so get in the kitchen and make […]