Goals for 2016

It’s that time of year when we proclaim our New Year’s Resolutions.  Here at Patty Cake’s Pantry,  we are still just calling them our goals.  Here are our goals for 2016.

Patty Cake’s Pantry is now two years old, and we are averaging about 10 – 20 visitors per day.  there are days when se have 30 -50 visitors, but that’s not the norm.  I was surprised when I added analytics to my site because I really thought we probably only had a readership of about 10 people.   In the coming year, I intend to try and continue to improve the quality of  my posts as well as  increase the number of people who visit my blog.

Goals for 2016 are as follows.

1.  Increase the number of posts to twice a week.   This will mean that there will be a total of 104 posts for this year.  This is the same goal that I had last year, but I intend to work harder toward achieving that goal.

2.  Continue to improve the quality of photos on my site.  This means that I will have to learn more about using my DSLR camera, and I will also need to learn more about lighting.

3.  I will continue to use social media to promote my site.

4.  I plan to seek out opportunities for guest blogging in hopes that it will bring me more readers.

5.  Participate in competitions with others in the online community.  I already have a Blog vs. Vlog competition set up with a friend of mine from YouTube.  I plan to try to arrange at least one more competition.

I’m hoping to continue to learn more about blogging and to stay focused on these goals.   Like last year, sharing these goals on the site makes me more accountable.  Here’s to a productive 2015.

Thanks for stopping by….

2 thoughts on “Goals for 2016

  1. Patty Cakes, I have confidence in you that you will make this happen in 2016 because you worked diligently in 2015 – and it shows. Congrats on the blogging success you’ve had this far.

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