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Top Posts of 2021

Are you as excited as we are to see what were the top posts of 2021? It’s New Year’s Day 2022, so that means we’re going to take a long look at last years top posts. Looking at what’s popular helps us to better understand the needs of our readers, so here’s our list.

What were the top posts of 2021?

As we have done for the past few years, we’re going to start our countdown with number ten and count backwards to number one, our most popular post for the year.

10: Roasted Bratwurst and Potatoes

Roasted Bratwurst and Potatoes

We really love this recipe for roasted bratwurst and potatoes because it’s simple to prepare, and the bratwurst lend their flavor to the potatoes. It’s a great weeknight meal, and it reminds me that we really need to prepare more sheet pan dinners.

9. Simple Pineapple Banana Pudding

Simple Pineapple Banana Pudding

If you’re looking for a tropical flavored dessert, this simple pineapple banana pudding recipe is perfect. It’s simple to prepare, and its’ delicious, too. This was an experiment that’s turned into a real crowd pleaser. It’s a great recipe to make with children, too.

8. Baked, No Boil, Mac and Cheese

Baked No boil Macaroni and Cheese

This baked, no boil, mac and cheese recipe has all of the flavor and much less work. It’s a simple recipe, that doesn’t require you to cook the macaroni before cooking which saves time. It also uses canned milk as an ingredient which adds creaminess and richness. Everything is assembled in one pan which makes for easy clean up after dinner.

7. Retro Dining–Chop Suey

Chop suey served over rice
This picture is horrible, and it’s not even of the recipe it’s linked too. I will be making that recipe soon, and replacing these photos.

This retro recipe for mid century style chop suey is very simple to prepare, and it’s a great family meal. To be honest, it’s a huge surprise to us to find it among the top ten posts. We’ve decided that this simple recipe might just be what home cooks who are trying to limit their trips to the store are making these days. This recipe is surprisingly good for such a simple recipe.

6. Four Ingredient Butter Biscuits

butter biscuits that only require 4 ingrients

These four ingredient butter biscuits are simple to prepare. There’s no kneading, and no rolling or cutting the biscuits. You prepare a very loose and wet dough, cut it with a knife, pour melted butter over the top and bake. It’s really that simple.

5. Salisbury Fake

Salisbury Fake AKA Smothered Hamburger Steak

If you want to make Salisbury steak, but you’re feeling lazy, Salisbury fake is the way to go. This recipe begins with a hamburger patty that is browned and finished in a gravy with mushrooms and onions. It’s a simple and delicious meal that can be served over rice, noodles, or mashed potatoes. This will become a family favorite.

4. Easy Southern Style Banana Pudding

No Bake Desserts

This Easy Southern Style Banana Pudding is one of our favorite desserts. We love it because there’s no need to run on the oven, and aside from the time needed for the assembly of the layers, it’s really a pretty fast dessert. We also love it because we can make it a day, or two, ahead of time which makes it a great dessert for entertaining.

3. Easy Nectarine Cobbler

Easy Nectarine Cobbler-a warm slice, fresh from the oven

This Easy Nectarine Cobbler recipe is a great way to use of all sorts of summer fruit, not just nectarines. It’s easy to prepare, and goes together upside down with the batter on the bottom and the fruit on top. During the baking process, the crust rises and the fruit falls to the bottom which never ceases to amaze my children.

2. A Warning about Popsicle Sticks

A warning about popsicle sticks

This post isn’t a recipe. It’s a post that warns about the use of craft sticks in the making of popsicles. I’m glad that, in spite of it’s age, this recipe continues to remain popular. People need to know that craft sticks are not food safe.

1. 25 “must-have” Spices for your Pantry

25 Must have spices for your pantry
Image by Steve Buissinne via Pixabay

This list of 25 “must have” spices for your pantry is something that had been on the idea list for posts to publish since we began Patty Cake’s Pantry. It’s obviously been well received since it’s been the most popular post for the past year. This list of spices is by no means extensive, but it includes all of the spices that we use on a regular basis when preparing meals for our family.

What do you think of our top posts of 2021?

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