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Vlog vs Blog–A New Year’s Competition

It all started with a friendly conversation at Starbucks.   A very special person, Aaron, who can be found at the YouTube Channel RandomLifeOfA, and I were discussing our goals for our respective online projects.   He started a YouTube Channel last year while I started my blog two years ago.  Both of us need to do better at consistently publishing on a schedule and working to promote our posts and videos.   We decided that perhaps a contest might encourage us to push ourselves to work toward our goals.

While the title of today’s post might imply that a cut throat competition is about to take place, that is very far from the truth.  Our society sometimes implies that competitiveness is a bad thing, but we are competitive creatures by nature.   According to psychology today, denying our competitive nature can result in negative manifestations such as cynicism and jealousy. Since I don’t find either of those traits to be particularly appealing, I intend to nurture my competitive side a bit.

Competitiveness can have some positive effects, too.  In the same article, competition is touted as helping us to realize what we want.  We’re planning to emphasize the positive in  the competition we have going here.  We both want to have more viewers.  This should motivate us to work toward that goal.

Competition is actually beneficial to your business according to  They gave a list of  20 proven reasons why competition is good.  Aaron and I have created our own short list as to why we believe this contest will be a good for us. (We used their list as a basis for some, or maybe most, of our ideas.)

  1.  It will help us to better serve our readers/viewers–Right now, both of us are inconsistent in our publication.  This might result in readers and viewers clicking away from our sites and result in a loss of followers.  What would you do if your favorite monthly magazine only showed up once every quarter and then you got 3 editions in one week?  I know I’d probably cancel my subscription.
  2. It will encourage us to think how we can expand the reach of our respective on-line endeavors.
  3. The contest has already made us aware of our respective weaknesses by the fact that we are inconsistently blogging/vlogging.  We aren’t treating our hobby businesses as businesses. Sometimes, we aren’t thinking of them at all.
  4. Working and staying in contact with someone else will help to ensure that we stay focused and accountable.  A little good-natured ribbing can spur us into action, and we can become stronger in our respective areas as we strive to meet our goals.
  5. We will each have an opportunity to learn something new and grow our skills.  I’m hoping to learn how to add video to my blog.

The prize for the winner of the contest is that the person who has the most visitors or views in the month of February gets to post on the other persons site with their help.  That means that either I get a free blog post on my site, or I get to post one of my recipes on the RandomLifeOfA channel on YouTube.  We have some rules about what the winner can post since each of our sites is very different, but whether I win or lose this competition, I’m certain to walk away a winner.

What’s your opinion about this competition? Do you think it’s a good idea or not?

Would you like to participate in a similar competition to grow your blog?

Leave a comment to let us know what you think.  Thanks for stopping by.  Visit Aaron’s Channel and watch his video introduction to the contest.

2 thoughts on “Vlog vs Blog–A New Year’s Competition

  1. I think this is a great idea and would like to participate. I’ve started increasing weekly posts on my blogs to build traffic. Consistency is the key.

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