$25 grocery budget--5th week grocery haul and menu plan

$25 Grocery Budget–Week 5 Grocery Haul and Menu Plan

After last week’s disaster, and the previous two weeks of being over budget, I knew that I needed a better plan, so I headed out for my shopping trip with a list in hand that I intended to follow.  This week I skipped the produce sale at Vallarta, and shopped only within a few miles of my home.   I was determined to stick to within one dollar of my $25.00 budget.  I checked what I had in the house that I needed to use up, planned our dinner menu, and left the house armed with a detailed list. 

I started my shopping trip by heading to the 99 cents only store.  I checked my list to see what I could purchase at this store at a discount instead of the regular grocery store.

$25 grocery budget--5th week grocery haul and menu plan

I picked up the following items:

1 package of everything bagels–$1.00

4 packages of vanilla instant pudding 25 cents each–$1.00

Orange cauliflower–$1.00


Chipotle Mayo –Baker’s Man loves spicy mayonnaise–$1.00

Olive and red pepper cream cheese–$1.00

Total Spent at 99 cents only = $7.00$25 grocery budget--5th week grocery haul and menu plan

After loading my purchases in the car, I headed to WinCo.

In spite of Baker’s Man purchasing two gallons of milk earlier in the week for $3.70), we needed more.  Bus Boy has always been a big milk drinker, preferring milk and water over all other drinks.  Lately, Sue Chef has been drinking lots of milk.

At WinCo, I picked up the following items:$25 grocery budget--5th week grocery haul and menu plan

1 gallon of milk–$1.85 (Not shown in my haul)

A Dulcinea (personal sized watermelon)–$2.48

1 pint of cottage cheese–$1.37

A 3 pound bag of frozen boneless and skinless chicken breasts–$4.98

1.5 pounds (approximately) of tomatoes–$1.87

Cooked real bacon bits…I needed these for stuffed jalapenos, and it was the cheapest way to get the bacon that I needed–$1.77

I also bought some barrettes.

Total Spent at WinCo = $20.79

Minus the cost for Barrettes =$5.89

Total Spent on Groceries at WinCo = $14.90$25 grocery budget--5th week grocery haul and menu plan

Adding the total spent on Groceries at Winco ($14.90) to the total spent at 99 Cents Only Store ($7.00) and adding the $3.70 Baker’s Man spent on Milk earlier in the week, Our grocery total this week came out to $25.60.  A little bit over budget, but not bad at all.

$25 grocery budget--5th week grocery haul and menu plan

Our Menu plan for the coming week includes:

  1.  Stuffed Jalapenos
  2. Burgers with Air Fries
  3.  Pulled Pork Sliders
  4. Linguine with White Clam Sauce
  5. Tuna Melts
  6. Eating Out due to Traveling
  7. Leftovers

I’m hopeful that this week will be better than last week, and we will actually eat what’s we have planned, or, at the very least, we will eat at home instead of out nearly every night.

What do you think of our $25 per week grocery budget experiment?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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