$25 Grocery Haul and Menu Plan--Week 6

$25 Grocery Haul and Menu Plan–Week 6

This is going to be my last week posting this experiment, but I plan to continue with a more restrictive grocery budget until the week before Thanksgiving.   I think that I will follow Amanda’s lead, and allow $30.00 per week for our family’s groceries, but I know that as long as I have a plan, and stick to it, I will be able to adhere to this budget without our family feeling deprived.    This week, I did something different. 

I was traveling out of my area, so I packed an empty cooler and decided to visit a discount grocery store.  The sign at the entry to the parking lot promised that I would find bargains and get more for my money.    $25 grocery haul--week 6I was really hoping to get a lot of food for my money, but I  ended up buying fewer items than usual.  The prices that I found weren’t nearly as good as the deals I routinely seen Amanda, of the fundamental home,  getting on her grocery hauls, but they were still pretty good deals compared to the prices that I pay in my area.

Here’s a list of what I  purchased at the Discount Grocery Store:

  • 1 pound of Flounder $3.99 (This sells for between $9.99 and $12.49 in my area.)
  • 1.25 pounds of Wild Caught Salmon $6.99 (This sells for 9.99 per pound at CostCo.)
  • 14.45 ounce package of 4 Salmon Burgers $2.99 (These are at my local store for $5.49 for a smaller, 11.2 oz package of 4 salmon burgers.)
  • Two packages of Tillamook cheese, sharp cheddar, and pepper jack –$1.99 each.  (These sell for $3.57 each at WinCo.)
  • I picked up two cucumbers (.79 each), a jicama (.99), and five pack of Kumato Green tomatoes ($2.00) (This is about what I pay for these items on a regular basis.)
  • Two bags of frozen veggies that I though would particularly appeal to Baker’s Man–garlic parmesan peas and sriracha green beans (.79 each).  (I usually pay about .99 for similar sized packages of frozen vegetables.)
  • I also picked up a box of frozen microwavable cheeseburgers for a young, single, male friend who was with me ($7.99).  He loves cheeseburgers and always blows his grocery budget by going out to eat them, but had forgotten his wallet at home.
  • Two of those pump sprayer bottles for spraying outside $3.00 each

Total Spent at the Store was $38.56$25 Grocery Haul and Menu Plan--Week 6

Including Tax for the sprayer bottles, $14.46 did not count toward my grocery budget.

The total Spent on Groceries for my family was $24.10.  I came in under budget by .90.  WOOHOO!!!  Imagine me dancing and pumping my fist in the air.  I may, or may not, have done this, embarrassing my shopping companion.   Maybe, I’ll run out and buy a mango or a candy bar to celebrate.

Does shopping at a discount grocery store really save money?

After comparing the prices I paid with what it would have cost to purchase these items at my regular grocery store, I would have to definitely say “Yes, a discount grocery store can help you to save money on your groceries.”   The total Savings on the items I purchased, compared to what I would’ve paid at the regular grocery store, was $15.06.  This means that I saved nearly 40%.     The savings were nice, but I was happiest that I was able to replenish the fish supply in our freezer.   I’m always happiest when our freezer and pantry are stocked with a variety of foods, so I can keep my family satisfied.$25 Grocery Haul and Menu Plan--Week 6

Our Dinner Menu Plan for the week includes:

We are hoping to follow this week’s menu better than we have for the past few weeks.  Check back at the end of the week to see if we succeed.

What do you think of our plan for this week?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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