$25 menu plan, weekly review

$25 Menu Plan–The First Week Review

Life happens, and the best of plans are sometimes disrupted.    That’s how life is around here, too.  We had a menu plan and the groceries to carryout that plan, but a special request by one of the kids, the discovery of some leftovers in the fridge that needed to be used up, and a couple of late nights at work resulted in deviation from the planned dinner menu.    Being willing to deviate from the plan, and having a well stocked pantry helped us to pull together some really quick meals.  This helped prevent trips to the drive through.

This past week, our dinners included:

We ate leftovers on two nights, so there were four items on our menu which we didn’t make.  These meals were:

Since they weren’t used during the past week, all of these meals will be carried over and added to then next week’s menu plan along with two to three new meals.

The dinner menu didn’t go according to plan, but we were more successful with breakfast and lunch.

Breakfasts were as planned with

These were featured on different mornings according to individual tastes.

Lunches consisted of

  • Tuna Stuffed Avocado Salads,
  • Tuna Rice Salad on Sandwiches with Pretzels from the Pantry
  • Cottage Cheese Salads with Tomato, Cucumber, Radishes, and Green Onions
  • Leftover Chimichangas with Cucumber and Jicama Salad
  • Lunchables
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

No one in our home felt deprived this week, and we continue to have a fairly well stocked pantry that I will draw from as we continue to stick to our $25 per week budget.

Check back soon for the week two menu plan and the results of my second $25 grocery shopping trip.

Thanks for visiting Patty Cake’s Pantry.

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