food blogger's Cats

Do Food Bloggers Have Cats?

As a novice food blogger, I frequently study the blogs and styles of other, more successful, food bloggers.  Often, this study is very educational.  There are bloggers out there who willingly share their knowledge with others, and there are bloggers who will share their knowledge if you pay a fee to join a group. In my study of other food bloggers, I have noticed a trend that I didn’t expect.  Many food bloggers  include updates and information about their pets on their sites, and most of these food bloggers seem to have dogs. I first noticed this trend  with Ree, […]

Chickens in the garden

Garden Chickens

Last week, I posted about my back yard chickens.  Mostly, I focused on the egg a day I get from each of them during warm weather.  While fresh eggs are a definite benefit of having chickens, it’s not the only reason to have them. Another good reason to have chickens is that they can potentially help you with gardening chores.  When the growing season is over and you are ready to put your garden to bed for the fall and winter.  All you need to do is release your chickens into your garden and they will clean up almost everything.  […]

The chicks in the garden

Backyard Chickens

We have chickens.  We raised these chickens from baby chicks in our house.  We protected them from our predator cats.  We fed them, kept them warm, and raised them until they were beautiful and healthy chickens.  Those cute little chicks that cost about $2.50 apiece seemed like a great idea.  I previously posted about how we spent $300 before we saw our first egg.   That’s a lot of money for a medium sized egg.  (The brown egg in the photo below is the first egg laid by one of my hens.  It is sitting next to an extra large egg.) We […]

Good Tasting Guacamole Without Avocado – Fact or Fiction?

If you like guacamole, I have some sad news for you.  Apparently, there is a nationwide shortage of avocados due to the drought in California.   This shortage is driving up avocado prices which makes it more expensive to whip up a big bowl of guacamole to serve with chips and salsa.   At my house, the avocado shortage was not caused by drought conditions.  It was caused by this guy: His name is Riddick, and he ate my avocado tree.  No, really!  While unsupervised in the yard, he chewed the branches off of my avocado tree one by one […]

The Three Hundred Dollar Egg

Eggs are largely touted as an inexpensive source of protein.  Eggs contain 9 essential amino acids.  They may have gotten a bad rap a few years ago for containing cholesterol, but eggs are really our friend.  The protein in eggs is important to help sustain energy throughout the day.    This includes physical and mental energy.  Eggs also contain choline which helps promote normal cell activity.  Choline has also been associated with liver function, and the transportation of nutrients throughout the body.  Eggs are a great thing. I really love eggs.  I like them over easy.  I like them in an […]