A Few Recipes From Other Blogs That I Tried AND Loved in 2014

I love visiting other peoples food blogs.  I love to see what they’re doing.  I love trying their recipes.  As 2014 came to an end, I was looking back through some of the recipes that I tried this year and thinking about which ones were my favorites.  This list is my family’s top 5.


First up is what I considered to be a very weird combination, but it was actually quite tasty.  I didn’t actually cook this one for myself.  My friend prepared it one night while I was hanging out at her house waiting for feral cats to wander into a trap, so we could take  them to a local shelter.  She lives out in an area where apparently people love to abandon cats.  Since my friend has a kind heart, she feeds the poor pregnant moms who come to her house with their babies.  As a result, she had at least 10 feral cats living on her property at one time.  One evening, she invited me over to trap cats and eat dinner.  No, we didn’t kill and eat cats, but a funny thing did happen one night that I will have to blog about.

What she served up was a combination of lentils, greens, and chicken-apple sausage cooked up in a sauce that contained a sweet red wine.  I can’t adequately describe how well the sweetness of the apple in the sausage and the wine contrasting with the earthiness of the lentils and the verdant taste of the spinach came together in this one pot meal.   It was so good, and the dishes she served it in made an even prettier picture than the photo on the blog.  (My photo doesn’t do it justice.  I really need to improve my photography skills. )  The recipe can be found at KitchenHospitality.com.  Give it a try.


Next up is a really strange sounding recipe that I found over at SimplyHealthyEats.com.  The recipe is a raw food chocolate pudding that’s made from avocado and coconut.  The picture looked so enticing, but the recipe sounded too weird to be good.  I had to try it.  It was a bit harder to put together than instant chocolate pudding from a box, but really it was only a little bit harder and this was made from real, raw food.  The resulting chocolate pudding was surprisingly good.   I’m very skeptical about “healthy treats”  The healthy ingredients took away any guilt I experienced from eating chocolate pudding.  It’s so healthy, you can probably eat  it for breakfast.  What’s not to love about that?

In stark contrast to the last item on my list, I really liked the recipe for Marboro Man’s Sandwich over at ThePioneerWoman.com.  (Sorry, no photo…no one got back to me with permission before I published this post.)  My husband was actually concerned when he entered our kitchen and saw so much butter softening on the counter next to packages of cube steak while I cut sliced onions.    He thought I had lost my mind.  The resultant sandwich convinced him that I wasn’t insane.  He really enjoyed it.  It was tender, and delicious, and though it won’t win any awards for being diet friendly, it got a big thumbs up from everyone who tried it.  Of course, what would you expect from a woman who has a show on  Food Network?

I kept hearing about Holy Yum Chicken.  People were pinning the recipe on Pinterest, other’s were mentioning it in their YouTube videos.  I  found the recipe over at TableForTwoBlog.com.  After reading through the ingredient list and realizing that the chicken was glazed similarly to a london broil that we had served for Christmas dinner several years ago, I decided that I would make Christmas dinner super easy this year and we would have Holy Yum Chicken with rice, or potatoes depending upon what my family chose.  This was such a simpled entree to prepare.  It came out perfectly, and it lived up to all of it’s hype.   The combination of the sweeness of the maple syrup, paired with the piquant taste of the mustard and the tanginess of the rice vinegar made our tastebuds do a happy dance.   Everyone loved our Christmas Dinner.  I’ve even added Holy Yum Chicken  into my rotating menus, so we will be eating it again in the next couple of weeks.  As Sue Chef likes to say, it makes my mouth happy.


Lastly, we have a healthy and gluten free soup.  No one in our household has gluten sensitivity, but several of the women from my church and one friend at work have had some serious health problems that were diagnosed as celiac disease.  This means no gluten.  I love to cook and break bread with my friends and co-workers, so their health issues have become my kitchen challenges.  I was so glad when I found this delicious Gluten Free Minestrone recipe.  This recipe is almost exactly like the one served at a local Italian restaurant.  It’s chock full of healthy vegetables and has beans for protein.  It makes a great meal on its own and is great when paired with a salad.  It goes together quickly and like most soups, it tastes even better when you’re having the leftover soup the next day.  This is gluten free comfort food at it’s best.

There you have it.  Some of my favorite recipes from other blogs.  Please comment and share a link to your favorite recipe.  I’d love to hear from you.    Thanks for visiting Patty Cake’s Pantry.


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