Black Bean Brownies

Black Bean Brownies

I don’t know who was the first person to come up with this simple and delicious way to make brownies, but if I ever find them, I will  definitely thank them.  These brownies don’t taste the same as traditional brownies, but they are very good.  The addition of black beans to the mixture makes them lower in fat and higher in fiber than regular brownies, too.    The fact that they can be made with only two, or three, ingredients which makes them easier to make.  At least, that’s what Josef says on his blog.  He kindly allowed me to use some of his photos on my site.Ingredients for black bean brownies

All you need to do is pour your boxed brownie mix into a bowl.  Then open and drain a can of black beans.  A word of caution about the black beans, though.  Ensure that the ingredients in your beans are only beans, salt, and water.    Trust me when I say that beans that contain onions and garlic will give you an undesirable end result.

drain and rinse black beansDrain and rinse the beans.  This removes the excess salt.

The beans are returned to their canJosef says you should put the beans back into the can and fill the can up with water.  Other sources suggest adding the beans, along with one cup of water to your blender.

The black beans and water are blended to a purreed consistencyThe beans and water are then blended until they achieve a smooth consistency, then the beans are added to the brownie mix.    This is mixed well.  1/2 cup chocolate chips can be added to the brownie mix at this time if you like.  Another recipe has an additional 1/2 cup of chocolate chips sprinkled on the top of the batter prior to baking.

A pan of cooked Black Bean BrowniesThen bake according to package directions for a pan of moist, delicious, and slightly healthier brownies.

Here’s the printable recipe.  Thanks for visiting Patty Cake’s Pantry.

Black Bean Brownies
Recipe type: Dessert
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 12
Adding black beans to brownie mix makes a simple and delicious dessert. Adding chocolate chips adds more depth of flavor to the mix.
  • 1 (15 ounce) can of black beans (make sure beans do not contain onions or garlic)
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 box brownie mix
  • ½ to 1 cup chocolate chips (optional)
  1. Drain and rinse the black beans.
  2. Either return beans to can and add enough water to the beans to refill the can and pour into a blender OR place the drained and rinsed beans along with 1 cup of water into a blender.
  3. Blend beans until they are smooth and completely pureed.
  4. Add bean puree to the brownie mix and mix well until well incorporated.
  5. Add ½ cup optional chocolate chips to the mix and stir.
  6. Pour into a greased baking pan 8X8 or 9X13 depending upon the recommendations of your brownie mix.
  7. If you are using chocolate chips, sprinkle the other ½ cup evenly on top of the brownies.
  8. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 - 25 minutes or until done.

Thank you Josef for letting me use your photos for my instructions.  You’re awesome.

8 thoughts on “Black Bean Brownies

    1. I’ve never tried it in a slow cooker. I’ve never made dessert in a slow cooker. That’s your specialty. Give it a try and let me know how it works.

    2. Not sure this will help, Angie, but I used a electric frypan on low and it worked just as well as the oven. They were delicious. The only change I’d make is to use the liquid from the beans, rather than rinsing them, as the top of the brownies had a little more moisture than I liked. I have a feeling the bean liquid would have been thick enough to take care of that problem.
      I’d like to hear about the slow cooker use if you decide to give it a try.
      Most of all, they were delicious and enjoyed by all my guests.

      1. Really? You used an electric fry pan? That’s very creative. I wouldn’t have thought to attempt that. I thought they were only useful for a stove top substitute. Do you think that the heat was more intense coming from the bottom of the pan? Could that have made them more moist on the top?

        Thanks for the tip about alternate uses for electric fry pans. I may have to pull mine out and experiment.

  1. So I’m going to make this Sunday for a dessert…are you sure I do not meet to add eggs? …even though the recipe on the box calls for eggs?
    That would be Real Nice.

    1. We make it without eggs all of the time. The only thing about them is that they are more dense than regular brownies. I usually bake them in a smaller pan, not 9X13. If you want a richer flavor, you can stir 1/2 cup chocolate chips into the batter and scatter 1/2 cup on top before you bake them. We like semi-sweet for this because the ones in the bulk bin at my store don’t contain any dairy, only cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, and vanilla.

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