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Chorizo Burgers

Recently, I was making some burgers, and didn’t have enough thawed ground beef to make burgers for all of my dinner guests.  That was when I remembered something my octogenarian friend, Pearl, told me.   She had grown up in a very large family in Louisiana.  Because beef was more expensive than pork, they frequently mixed pork sausage with their ground beef to make their burgers.  She was referring to using their homemade breakfast sausage in the burgers, but I didn’t have any thawed breakfast sausage, either.  I had a pound of beef chorizo in my refrigerator, so I decided that I would give her mother’s recipe a try, but with a Latin twist.

ground beefFirst, I put the pound of ground beef into a large bowl. chorizo added to the bowl with the beefNext, I added the chorizo to the bowl.Ground beef and chorizo mixed togetherThe meats were mixed, by hand, until they were incorporated into one pile of raw meat.Chorizo burgers ready for the grillThe meat was formed into burgers that were placed on the grill. grilling chorizo bugers I think we grilled them for about 7 minutes per side over indirect heat.  We used indirect heat because the fat content of the chorizo was very high and we would have experiences significant flare ups which would have burned the burgers to a crisp prior to cooking the interior.

chorizo burger ready to eatThe finished burgers were delicious.  The chorizo was very spicy, so the burgers were not for those who don’t like heat in their food.  We made a few plain burgers from the other half pound of ground beef for the children.  Pearl’s mother’s recipe was a hit.  We will definitely be doing this again.  We could use breakfast or Italian sausage the next time we make these burgers.  The possibilities are endless.  Thank you, Pearl, for sharing your Mamma’s Recipe with me.

chorizo bugerWe served our Chorizo Burgers topped with mayo, lettuce, and sliced yellow tomatoes accompanied by a side of Taco Seasoned Oven Fries.  and we will definitely be making these again.

Give them a try and let us know what you think.  Thanks for visiting Patty Cake’s Pantry.

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