Dessert in a Jar--Banan Pudding

Dessert in a Jar–Banana Pudding

I previously blogged about my easy southern style banana pudding recipe.  It’s always a hit with the members of our household.  One day, while I was preparing food for a picnic.  I realized that banana pudding would look great in a mason jar.  I already knew from the strawberry shortcake trifle that I put together in a jar that mason jar desserts make great grab and go items to throw in a cooler for a picnic lunch.  I immediately went to work.vanilla wafers in the jar

First, some vanilla wafers were placed into the jar. the vanilla wafers were topped with sliced bananas

These were topped with some sliced bananas.The bananas and vanilla wafers were topped with pudding

The bananas were topped with some of the pudding mixture.cookies on top of the pudding

This was repeated with cookies on top of the pudding.another layer of sliced bananas

Bananas on top of the cookies.pudding on top of the second layer of cookies and banana slices

Finally more pudding. one more layer of cookies, sliced bananas, and pudding

One more layer of all three until the jar was filled. cookie crumbs were sprinkled on top of the pudding

The top of the jar was finished off with some vanilla wafer crumbs.banana pudding in a jar ready for the fridge

The jars were placed into the refrigerator overnight to allow the flavors to combine and the cookies to soften.  They were delicious.  I’m not re-posting the recipe.  It can be found at the earlier post, here.

I think these are a great idea to make ahead for a barbecue.  I used wide mouth pint jars because I still haven’t gotten any 8 ounce jars, but I’m really in love with these desserts in a jar.

Let us know what you think.  Thanks for visiting Patty Cake’s Pantry.


3 thoughts on “Dessert in a Jar–Banana Pudding

    1. Thank you. We love that banana pudding. Making it in the jars makes it easy to grab and go for lunch.

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