The large heart is much bigger than the small heart.

Fudge Hearts

When I think of Valentine’s day, I think of the iconic heart shaped box of chocolates.    This made me think.  box of chocolates for valentine's day

What if, instead of a heart shaped box of chocolates, I gave my sweethearts a box of heart shaped chocolates?  It could work, right?

I knew exactly where to start.  I whipped up a batch of Patty Cake’s Famous Five Minute Fudge, but instead of preparing it in a bowl, I used a 4 cup glass measuring cup.  Instead of pouring the completed fudge into a square pan, I planned to pour the warm fudge into the individual cups of a silicone, miniature heart shaped muffin pan.   It didn’t pour well, so I ended up spooning it into the forms.prepared fudge was placed in a silicone mini muffin tin

The back side of the fudge didn’t look very pretty and I kept trying to smooth it out with the back of my spoon.  Finally, I decided that it didn’t really matter what the back side looked like.

The filled pan was placed in a cool and dry place until it was set up.  We had a bit of leftover fudge, so we spooned thin layers into the bottom of some full sized silicon heart shaped muffin pans.  Once again, the back side didn’t look very pretty.  A thin layer of fudge was placed in the bottom of the full sized muffin tinsOnce they had firmed up a bit, the fudge hearts were then popped out of the mold.  I was surprised at how easily they popped out, but I was disappointed that they weren’t all perfect. The fudge hearts were popped out of the mold.

Even with the imperfections, they tasted pretty good.  The larger ones were pretty since that mold had more details, but it was too much fudge for one person to eat all at once.  Actually, I could eat it, but I probably shouldn’t.  The large heart is much bigger than the small heart.

Once it was finished, the prepared fudge hearts were  arranged in a box with sheets of wax paper between the layers.

20160211_213304[1]The next time, we could make the fudge hearts more festive looking by putting some valentine sprinkles in the bottom of the mold before adding the fudge, but we wondered if they would melt and make an unattractive mess.     We also considered heating some red or pink candy melts and using them to decorate the fudge.   This might look particularly pretty on some white chocolate fudge.

Even though our fudge hearts aren’t picture perfect, we have homemade Valentine candies to leave as treats during the treasure hunt.

What do you think of our heart shaped chocolates?  Do you have any suggestions how we can make them better?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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3 thoughts on “Fudge Hearts

    1. Thank you, Angie. We had so much fun making these. Sue Chef liked how they turned out. Bus Boy can’t stop eating them.

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