My Father’s Egg Salad Sandwich

The hard boiled egg was placed on the slierMy father didn’t cook very often.  The kitchen was my mother’s domain.   There were a few things that I remember him making.  He often baked bread and made cinnamon rolls in his retirement.   He made large batches of some really good hot dog chili that he would freeze in recycled margarine containers.  He made something that he called Garbage Soup which never turned out the same way twice.   Of course, he could make breakfast which would include bacon or sausage with eggs, or gravy on toast.  I just didn’t really see him in the kitchen very often.

One childhood memory that I have is of my father standing in the kitchen making his lunch.  I remember watching him make egg salad for his sandwich.   I have no memory of my mother ever making egg salad.  I only remember my father standing in the kitchen, chopping eggs, then mixing them with mayonnaise,  salt and pepper.  One tablespoon of mayonnaise for each egg.

I think I was more fascinated by the egg slicer than my father cooking.  I was mesmerized by the way he sliced the egg one way. The egg is rotated 90 degrees on the slicer to cut it into smaller pieces. Then he rotated it on the slicer and cut it the other way in order to make small squares of egg. tmp_5244-20150806_233058-1338933096When I was a child, egg salad was not one of my favorite things to eat.  It wasn’t until I moved away from home that I really learned to appreciate it.  Eggs are, after all, an inexpensive source of protein.  Protein is important to our bodies and helps you feel full longer.  It helps build muscle and supports the immune system, too.   That makes eggs, and egg salad, a friend to the starving college student.

My father’s sandwich making technique included toasting the bread and allowing it to to cool in the toaster before spreading it with the egg salad mixture.   He told me that by doing this, the bread wasn’t soggy when it was time for lunch.  Sometimes, he added lettuce to his sandwich, but often, he just spread the egg salad between two slices of toast and wrapped it up before placing it into his lunch bag.  While away at college, I sometimes decreased the amount of mayonnaise and added a little sweet relish to my egg salad to make it different.  Well, I added it when we had it.  My husband and I really were poor, starving college students.

The simplicity of the combination of eggs and mayonnaise may have been lost on me as a child, but as an adult, I have really come to appreciate it.    Do you have a favorite egg salad recipe?  Please share your favorite and leave a comment below.

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    1. Since you co-authored “Get Cracking”, a book with recipes that used hard boiled eggs, I am surprised that this simple egg salad even got your attention.

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