Patty C ake's Pantry's 10 most popular posts. These are the recipes that bring the readers to our site.

Top 10 Most Popular Posts

When we had my 200th post party, I was looking at the analytics on my site to find out which posts had the most views.    I was hoping to get an idea about what sort of posts were drawing traffic, so I could write more of that type of post.   I was surprised at some of the posts that held these top spots.  Here’s my list of the top 10 posts from my first 200:

  1. Spinach Salad with Dried CranberriesSpinach Salad with Cranberries and bacon

    This is my version of the  Costco Spinach Salad.  It’s very easy to put together, and it tastes great.  It can even be assembled in a mason jar.

  2. Chocolate Eclair Cakechocolate eclair cake

    I’m not surprised to find this in the top 10.  This delicious no-bake dessert is simple to make, and delicious.  We devour this every time  I make it, so I don’t make it often.  If I did, we would be round.  Of course, I have made this with sugar-free instant pudding, non-fat milk, and non-fat frozen whipped topping, too.  No one realized there was a difference in the sugar content.

  3. Easy Southern Style Banana PuddingEasy Southern Style Banana Pudding

    Your bananas that are starting to get a few brown spots on them.  You know the ones.  The bananas inside are perfect, but the freckles on the skin make your kids run away screaming.  Make banana pudding.  No one will be the wiser.  This recipe is the perfect vehicle to use those bananas rather than throw them into the trash.

  4. Cooking with my MamaOne of the first things I remember cooking was Campbell's Tomato Soup

    I thought this was an odd post to find on my top 10.  It’s the story of my earliest memories of cooking in the kitchen, making canned tomato soup while standing on a chair.  I wonder if it’s the story that brings people to the post, or if it’s the recipe for the tomato soup cake at the bottom of the post that brings people back.  I would appreciate any opinions on this matter.  Please leave a comment below.

  5. Dessert in a Jar–Banana PuddingDessert in a Jar--Banan Pudding

    The recipe for  Easy Southern Style Banana Pudding with a different presentation.  The ingredients are layered in a jar instead of assembled in a pan or bowl.  I love serving things in jars.

  6. Scrambled Eggs with PeasScrambled Eggs and Peas

    This is a simple and nutritious breakfast recipe.  I prefer it with fresh peas, but frozen peas will work in a pinch.

  7. Chicken Chop SueyChicken Chop Suey

    This recipe is really good and simple to prepare.  It uses fresh ingredients, but if you’re looking for one that uses canned vegetables, check out this recipe for a Retro Style Chop Suey. 

  8. Chef’s Salad in a JarChef's Salad in a Jar

    Salads in a Jar are one of my favorite lunches to take to work.  This one is delicious, and I love that I can make several salads Sunday night to have for lunch during the week.

  9. Quick and Easy Pizza Sauce

    Quick and Easy Pizza Sauce
    Image via Pixabay

    When I want to make a pizza, but don’t want to open a big jar of sauce, this is my cheat.  The recipe is simple and delicious.  Who could ask for more?

  10. Watergate Salad4 Ingredient Watergate Salad

    This classic recipe is simple to make and delicious.  It requires only 4 ingredients and is a great dish to serve any time of year.  I often serve it on St. Patrick’s day when green is the color of the day, but it’s one of our family’s favorites.  This is another recipe that can have the most of the ingredients swapped out for sugar-free and fat-free without sacrificing flavor.

That’s my top 10.  What do you think of the list?  Do you agree with my visitors or do you have other favorites?

After analyzing my list, I realized that people mostly come to my site for no-cook desserts and salads.  So, the question is….Should I limit myself to only posting about those two things, or should I continue to post a wide variety of recipes and see what happens as my site continues to grow?

Your opinions would be appreciated.

Thanks for visiting Patty Cake’s Pantry.

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