Gelatin Desserts

Gelatin Desserts

It’s that time of year again, when I will be challenging myself to create 30 days of recipes using one ingredient, or technique. The previous two years, I have presented 30 days of beans and 30 days of canned foods, respectively. This year, I have decided that Gelatin Desserts, and gelatin recipes, in general, are under-represented on this website, so I have chosen 30 days of gelatin recipes.

Some may wonder why I even care about how many gelatin recipes are on Patty Cake’s Pantry. They may also wonder why I plan on producing 30 days of recipes containing gelatin. I realize that gelatin isn’t exactly haute cuisine, but it’s simple, fun, and it may have some surprising health benefits. Since we could use some fun around here, I have decided that 30 days of gelatin recipes is just what Patty Cake’s Pantry needs.

Some of these Gelatin recipes will be unusual, containing some more savory ingredients, as I recreate some more unusual gelatin recipes from my childhood. Others will be recipes that are new to me, as several of my friends have shared their favorite gelatin recipes for me to try.

I anticipate that this should be a fun experience, but before we begin, I would like to remind you of the three Gelatin Desserts that are already published on Patty Cake’s Pantry.

These gelatin dessert recipes are listed in the order of their publication.

Holiday Flag Poke Cake

holiday flag poke cake 1

This Holiday Flag Poke Cake is a great dessert for a patriotic holiday, but by changing the flavor of the gelatin, and changing the decoration on top, it could be perfect for any occasion.

Lemon Gelatin Fruit Salad

Lemon Gelatin Fruit Salad made with cottage cheese and frozen whipped topping.

Lemon Gelatin Fruit Salad is one of my favorite gelatin dishes. It’s simple to prepare, and it’s light and refreshing. I love the combination of the citrus flavors in this dish, and I love that I can significantly reduce the sugar content for the diabetics in my life by using sugar free gelatin, fruit packed in water or it’s own juice, and sugar free frozen whipped topping.

Peach Melba Gelatin

Peach Melba Gelatin

Peach Melba Gelatin tastes nothing like a real Peach Melba, but it does contain the same flavors–raspberry and peach. It’s a fun fluffy dessert, but I may give it a makeover during the next few weeks because both Food Critic and Baker’s Man have commented that they didn’t like the difference in textures, so I either need to make both layers fluffy, or both layers more firm. Personally, I enjoyed the difference in texture between the two layers.

Three simple and delicous Gelatin Desserts

I can’t believe that I have only published 3 gelatin recipes over the past five years. This is especially shocking since I grew up eating gelatin desserts or salads every week.

What is your opinion of gelatin desserts and salads? Do you prepare them often? Do you have favorites? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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