Cake Mix Cookies allow you to make more cookies in less time

The Best Cookie Hack–15 Dozen Cookies in 2 Hours

Fifteen dozen cookies in two hours is not an idle promise.  This is the best cookie hack.  Bus Boy and I really did this.  If you don’t have a helper, don’t worry.  Bus boy didn’t really do much more than stand around in the kitchen and supervise the baking.  Oh, I almost forgot that he taste tested some of the cookies, too. 

In order to accomplish this amazing feat of cookie baking, you will need 6 boxes of assorted cake mix, a dozen eggs, and 2 cups of safflower, corn, or other light vegetable oil as well as whatever mix ins your cookie selections call for.  If you’re confused by the need for cake mix, let me clear this up.  We’re making cake mix cookies.  Cake mix cookies require minimal measuring, and can be assembled in under 5 minutes if you’re a strong stirrer.  If the kids are helping, it might take a little longer, but that’s OK.    Using cake mix to bake cookies is the secret to this cookie hack.  This is the reason that we were able to make 15 dozen cookies in 2 hours.  Before I go any further, I need to confess that we didn’t even wash the bowl between batches of cookies, but no one in our house has any allergies, so we don’t have to worry about cross contamination of the bowls or the cookie sheets.  If you have allergies in your house, you might want to give the bowl a quick wash between batches.The Best Cookie Hack--15 dozen cookies in 2 hours

If you choose to use our technique, and don’t wash the bowl, we suggest that you begin with the white or yellow cake mixes first, and work your way through the cake mixes until you finish with devil’s food.  This prevents any red or brown streaks in your lighter colored cookies.  (I learned this the hard way as you may notice in some of my photos.)

Before you begin, you need to select which cake mix cookies you will be making.  Select six of your favorites from the following:

The Best Cookie Hack 15 dozen cookies in two hoursChocolate Chip Cake Mix Cookies

The best cookie hack--15 dozzen cookies in 2 hoursM&M Cake Mix Cookies

Lemon Crinkle Cake Mix CookiesLemon Crinkle Cookies

Lemon Blueberry Cake mix cookiesLemon Blueberry Cake Mix Cookies

Oatmeal Raisn cookies makde from spice cake mixOatmeal Spice Cake Mix Cookies

Red Velvet Cake Mix Crinkle CookiesRed Velvet Crinkle Cookies

These colorful red velvet cookies are delicious and easy to make. The recipe starts with a red velvet cake mix.Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies

caramel filled chocolate cookie, cake mix cookieCaramel Filled Cake Mix Cookies

These take a little longer to get into the oven due to having to wrap the dough around the caramel filled candy, but they are completely worth the effort.

chocolate crinkle cookieChocolate Crinkle Cookies

Chocolate cookies loaded wtih peppermint. Delicious.Peppermint Mocha Cake Mix Cookies

Once you’ve made your choices and collected the necessary cake mixes, all you need to do is mix up your cookies, roll them into balls, and stick them into the oven.  In order to make six different batches of cookies in two hours, we used two cookie sheets.  One was baking while the other cooled for 5 minutes and was reloaded with cookies.  Just make certain that you roll at least 30 cookies from each batch of dough to ensure you get 15 dozen cookies.

The Best Cookie hack--15 dozen cookies in 2 hoursWe love cake mix cookies because they’re very easy to make, and if you’re not able to make it to a cookie exchange, this is a way to get a variety of cookies without a great deal of effort.  Your friends and family will be impressed with your cookie baking prowess.

Give our cookie hack a try, and bake 15 dozen cookies for your family and friends in about two hours.  Leave a comment below to let us know how this hack worked for you.

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The Best Cookie Hack--15 Dozen Cookies in Two Hours

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