Creamy French Onion Rigatoni

This is a two photo collage. The top photo is A pan, half eaten, of rigatoni that is colored golden by the mushroom sauce. Visible pieces of cooked ground beef can be seen among the noodles. A layer of browned french fried onions are on top. One side has a slice of melted cheese visible under the french fried onions. The bottom photo is a view of a pan of Creamy French Onion Rigatoni. The noodles bathed in a golden sauce are visible. There are french fried onions browned on top which look crispy. The two photos are separated by a burgundy colored banner which says "Creamy French Onion Rigatoni" in cream colored letters. The enteir photo is surrounced by a thin burgundy colored frame.

Creamy French Onion Rigatoni.

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