Taming the flame--giveaway

“Taming the Flame” Giveaway–CLOSED

The last couple of weeks around here have been very stressful.  Two weeks ago, Bus Boy had gone to the golf course to practice his short game.  As he was leaving the golf course, he saw that the city bus that he needed to catch  was pulling up to the stop.  He did what any young person would do under the circumstances.  He ran while carrying his golf bag on his shoulder.  He didn’t want to miss the bus and have to wait an hour for the next one to come.  He fell, and he couldn’t get up.  Paramedics were summoned and he was transported to the hospital.  The verdict:  His shoulder was broken.  (In medical terms, he fractured his proximal humerus at the surgical neck.)  There was discussion about possible surgery, but at a follow up appointment with the orthopedic surgeon, it was decided that his arm would just be immobilized in a sling and strapped to his body.

Of course, he had to break his right arm, and being right handed, he was having difficulty caring for himself.  He needed help with fasteners on his clothes.  He had to suffer through the embarrassment of having his parents bathe him, something that he hasn’t needed help with for a few years.  He’s been a trooper, though.  He’s getting better at some things and is learning how to do things with one hand.  He eats slower when he feeds himself with his left hand.  This means he isn’t eating as much, so we may save some money on groceries.  (There is a positive side to everything.)  Funny Aside:  One of Food Critic’s friends was asking how Bus Boy broke his arm.  Food Critic’s answer:  “He was chasing a bus with golf clubs”.    As he said this, I had visions of Bus Boy angrily running down the street, chasing a bus and swinging golf clubs at it.

Then, last week, the car that Bus Boy and I were traveling in was struck from behind by a distracted driver.  My car is in the shop, and we are stiff and sore, but otherwise, we were blessed to walk away from the accident without any apparently serious injuries.  Nevertheless, I have fallen behind in my blogging, and have already missed two posts.

Since we have been having a tough time, I decided that I needed a break from the usual, so I picked up something at one of the local stores to give away on my blog.  It’s not the most exciting giveaway, but it’s the best that I can do right now.  Besides, I feel like my readers deserved an opportunity to win something.

Taming the flame--giveawayThe item I am giving away is one hard cover copy of the book “Taming the Flame:  Secrets for Hot-and-Quick Grilling and Low-and-Slow BBQ”  by Elizabeth Karmel.   I know that the grilling season is almost over for much of the country, but I figure that you can study during the winter months in order to be prepared for next summer.  Baker’s Man had a different thought.  He says “or they can be like you and choose to grill on the coldest and windiest days of the year.”  It’s true.  For the longest time, there was a joke in our house that the weather wasn’t nearly bad enough for us to grill outside.   There’s nothing I can say to defend my self.  I purchased a new grill in the winter one year, and I didn’t want to wait to use it.  We grilled in some strong winds and nasty weather that year–not anywhere near the weather in Minnesota or upstate New York bad, but bad for California.

Taming the Flame Giveaway--small tear on the dust coverOne disclaimer about the book we are giving away is that Bus Boy was trying to  carry the book to the office and accidentally tore the dust cover when it slipped from his hand.  If you can live with that slight defect, please enter the contest by leaving a comment below telling me your favorite thing to cook on the grill.  All entries must be received on or before midnight on September 21, 2016 PDT.

The contest is only open to residents of the United States.  This means that I am only shipping to addresses in the U.S.A.   Only one entry per person/email address.  The winner will be selected on Friday September 15, 2016 and announced on Monday September 18, 2016.

I look forward to hearing about your favorites for the grill.

Thanks for your entry and for visiting Patty Cake’s Pantry.

UPDATE:  THE WINNER IS……Brenda Hill of  WhereAndWhatInTheWorld.com  I really hope you enjoy the book and grill something amazing. 

2 thoughts on ““Taming the Flame” Giveaway–CLOSED

  1. So sorry for your recent troubles, Patty. Yet you are handling it all with your usual insight and positive attitude. Yes, I would like to enter the contest. I am enjoying your grilling
    recipes, especially the corn. I also used to grill during New England snow storms. I head back this week for early autumn leaves and fresh grilled lobster on the coals. Thanks you for sharing. How do I enter the book contest?

    1. I’s so glad to learn that you are also a fan of grilling outside of summer. I love corn, too. Grilled Lobster sounds divine. As for entering the contest, since you mentioned your favorite thing to grill is corn, you are already entered.

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