A collage of halloween themed cupcakes. There are cupcakes that look like frankenstein, cupcakes that look like ghosts, a cupcake with a bloody eyeball, and a cupcake drizzled with blood. Another cupcake has a witches hat on top and another has a delicat spider web made from white chocolate.

21 Halloween Themed Cupcakes

Halloween themed cupcakes are a great party food. Their portable, and they’re pretty simple to decorate. If you’re throwing a Halloween party, don’t stop setting the stage with just the decorations and music/sounds. Halloween themed foods are a great way to add another layer of excitement to your party, and spooky themed foods are a great way to make your party even better.

Cupcakes are the perfect party food. They’re already prepackaged into single servings, so there’s no need for cutting or plating. They’re portable, so it’s easy to mingle while you munch, and there are a lot of ways to dress up your cupcakes for whatever occasion you’re celebrating.

To help you with your Halloween party planning, we have collected twenty-one different Halloween themed cupcakes for your consideration. There’s even a vegan and couple of gluten free options listed below.

Witches Hat Cupcakes

Reddish colored cupcakes frosted with bright green frosting, topped with an iced cookie and a chocolate kiss to create a witches hat on top of this Halloween themed cupcake.

Need a cute Halloween dessert? These witch cupcakes are topped with colourful green buttercream and an edible Hershey’s Kiss and biscuit hat.

Halloween Spider Cupcakes

This Halloween themed cupcake is a yellow cake cupcake frosted with white frosting, topped with an oreo that's topped with two eyes.  Black gel frosting creates legs on the oreo spider that's on top.

These Oreo Spider Cupcakes are a must-have this Halloween. Great fun to bake for a party or to give as a trick or treat gift for friends and family.

Black Velvet Cupcakes with Sprinkles

These Halloween themed cupcakes are very glamorous.  The dark black velvet cupcake is frosted with black frosting and sprinkled with what appear to be pears and shiny sparkles.

Black Velvet cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting! So fun and festive for Halloween.

Black Velvet Eyeball Cupcakes

This is a scary Halloween themed cupcake.  The black cupcake is frosted with black frosting.  A marshmallow eye with what appears to be blood dripping off of it sits atop the frosting.

These gruesome Black Velvet Eyeball Cupcakes are sure to be a hit at your Halloween party! These strawberry jam filled cupcakes have the same flavour as the classic Red Velvet, but with black colouring instead for a gory but delicious twist!

Easy and Spooky Halloween Cupcakes

This is a collection of Halloween themed cupcakes with instructions for decorating them.  There are ghosts, Frankenstein's monster cupcakes, cupcakes topped with white chocolate spiderwebs, and some frosted with mixed color frosting (orange-yellow, white).

These cute Halloween Cupcakes are super easy to make with the kids. They’ll love making them, and they’re cute class gifts, too.

Creepy Halloween Tree Cupcakes

Chocolate frosted cupcakes with chocolate trees sticking up from them, create a Halloween theme by the addition of small jack-o-lanterns, skulls, and tombstones.

This recipe for Halloween creepy tree cupcakes uses cake mix and prepared frosting, so the only “hard” part is making the trees, but that’s pretty easy. The end result is spectacular and would look great on a Halloween dessert table.

Moist Black Velvet Cupcakes

Black Velvet cupcakes (very black) topped with black frosting that's been sprinkled with edible white pearls, ghosts, and a few orange and white sprinkles create an elegant Halloween themed cupcake.

These moist black velvet cupcakes are perfect for Halloween! Made with black cocoa powder and no artificial food coloring, they’re the spooky version of red velvet cupcakes!

Halloween Peanut Butter Cupcakes

These Halloween themed cupcakes are chocolate cupcakes topped with a light brown peanut butter frosting.  Each cupcake is topped with a white chocolate spider web with a small chocolate spider on it.

Super moist peanut butter chocolate cupcakes, frosted with peanut butter frosting and decorated with cute chocolate spiderwebs and little spiders!

Gluten Free Halloween Ghost Cupcakes (Vegan, Allergy Free)

These vegan and gluten free Halloween themed cupcakes are chocolate cupcakes frosted with a white frosting.  The cupcakes are each topped with two edible eye candies to create the appearance of a ghost.

These cute and spooky Gluten-Free Ghost Cupcakes are perfect for Halloween! These super easy cupcakes are vegan, allergy-free, and perfect for kids! Made with a simple black chocolate cupcake base and dairy-free vanilla buttercream frosting. Whether you need a unique Halloween party treat or a simple non-candy dessert, these are a must!

Red Velvet Halloween Cupcakes

Red velvet cupcakes are topped with a white frosting that is drizzled with a red substance that mimics the presence of blood on these Halloween themed cupcakes.

These red velvet Halloween cupcakes boast a flavourful, tender sponge, a smooth and delicious cream cheese frosting, and a gorily good blood red syrup.

Epic Halloween Cupcakes

Cupcakes are covered with orange, green, purple, and black sprinkles on top.  In the center is a swirl of orange and white frosting on these Halloween themed cupcakes.

These Halloween cupcakes are epically easy and fun to make. They’re an easy choice to make with the kiddos.

Blood Spattered Cupcakes

Blood Spatter is the theme of these Halloween themed cupcakes.  The white frosted cupcakes were spattered with red frosting giving the appearance of blood on top.

What’s more gruesome than cupcakes spattered with blood? These blood spattered cupcakes are a great way to set a scary theme on the dessert table.

Witch Hat Cupcakes

Two witches, one with a green face, and one with a purple face, are made from frosting, nuts, and candy eyes on top of chocolate cupcakes.  Their faces are surrounded by squiggly black and green hair made from frosting,.  The entire cuipcake is crowned with a chocolate dipped cone and a cookie to create a pointed witches hat.  This is a fun Halloween themed cupcake.

These decadent chocolate witch hat cupcakes are topped with frosted witch faces, squiggly witch hair and an edible hat that’s made from a chocolate dipped cone.

Halloween Jack o’lantern Candy Cupcakes

Paper jack-o-lantern cups are fulled with a chocolate cupcake that is topped with candy.  A handle made from a black twisted licorice strand is positioned as a handle on these Halloween themed cupcakes.

These Halloween Jack o ‘lantern Candy Cupcakes are chocolate pinata cupcakes (filled with candies) with more candies on top! They are great for kids and adults alike and perfect for your next Halloween party or potluck!

Easy Fondant Ghost Cupcakes

These Halloween themed cupcakes are comprised of chocolate cupcakes with a circle of fondant draped over a marshmallow poised on top to create a sheet draped ghost.

These festive ghost cupcakes will be the hit of your Halloween bash. These adorable fondant ghosts are easy to make using premade fondant, marshmallows, and melted chocolate chips.

Surprise-Inside Halloween Owl Cupcakes

These chocolate-peanut butter frosted cupcakes are decorated with oreo cookies opened with a brown m&m in the center for eyes.  An orange m&m is positioned as a nose, and two halves of oreo cookies are positioned as eyebrows to create the face of an owl on these Halloween themed cupcakes.

A fun surprise-inside recipe for Halloween owl cupcakes stuffed with peanut butter cups and topped with chocolate peanut butter frosting and Oreo cookies.

Halloween Oreo Bat Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes frosted with a white frosting that contains crumbled oreos to make it appear brown, are topped with two eyes, and two half oreos to create a bat on top of these Halloween themed cupcakes.

Festive Halloween Bats Oreo Cupcakes with Cookies and Cream Frosting are super fun to make, creamy, deliciously decadent and a great treat for any Halloween gathering.

Five Ingredient Ghost Themed Halloween Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes topped with a ghost that's made of frosting, marshmallows and candy eyes create a simple and adorable Halloween themed cupcake. .

If you are looking to make something quick and easy for a Halloween party, then these ghost-themed cupcakes are perfect. They require 5 ingredients and can be decorated in less than 30 minutes!

Easy Wicked Witch Cupcakes

A chocolate frosted cookie with a chocolate kiss embeded in orange frosting is poised atop a green frosting swirl.  Two paper legs with witches shoes on them and mismatched stockings (both orange, but one is striped with black, green, and purple, while the other has polka dots of the same colors) stick out of the cupcake opposite the hat giving the impression that a witch has crash landed on this Halloween themed cupcake.

These Halloween witch cupcakes are so easy to create. They look so professional yet they go together quickly with a few simple hacks!

Three Ingredient Jack-O-Lantern Cupcakes

Four orange frosted cupcakes with Jack-o-lantern faces painted with black frosting make a simple and effective Halloween themed cupcake.

Halloween is the perfect time to get creative in the kitchen, and these Jack-o-Lanterns cupcakes make for a great start! This post also contains interesting information about the origin of the Jack-o-lantern. Check it out.

Gluten-free Halloween Candy Corn Ghost Cupcakes

A wooden board topped with four cupcakes that are frosted with a layer of orange frosting, topped with a layer of yellow frosting and finally topped with white frosting with eyes on it to resemble a ghost.   In the background is a large glass jar filled with candy corn.

These Gluten-Free Halloween Candy Corn Ghost Cupcakes are cute and easy to make. This is the perfect gluten free recipe for a Halloween treat.

A collage of Halloween themed cupcakes. There are cupcakes that look like Frankenstein, cupcakes that look like ghosts, a cupcake with a bloody eyeball, and a cupcake drizzled with blood. Another cupcake has a witches hat on top and another has a delicate spider web made from white chocolate. On the bottom inside a rectangle with an orange background are the words "Twenty-one Halloween Themed cupcakes" written in black.

That concludes our list of Halloween themed cupcakes.

What do you think of our collection of Halloween cupcake ideas? Do you prefer cute or gory cupcake decorations for Halloween? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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    1. Alyssa, I’m not sure which of the twenty-one cupcake recipes you found so delicious, but I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for your kind words.

    1. Linda, you’re right. All of these bloggers created awesome looking cupcakes. I guess which one you choose would depend upon the group you’re feeding. If you want gory, the black velvet with the eyeball on top is definitely my top pick.

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  3. This is such a great round up of Halloween cupcakes! I love the not so scary Halloween options as well as the kind of creepy ones… There’s really something for everybody!

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