A collage showing four different cakes. Starting on the top left there's a cake, frosted with white frosting and layered with oreo crumbs. Around the top, there's a ring of crushed oreos around the top of the cake and oreo cookies decorated to look like bats are arranged on the top. To it's right, there's a multicolored cake --orange, green, and purple, frosted with white frosting and topped with sprinkles. Below that cake, is a cake which looks like a bleeding human grain with a knife sticking out of if. The last photo is to the left of that one and is a chocolate single layer of brownies, topped with meringue that's been toasted.

Four Halloween Cakes

Why have we put together a post of four Halloween Cakes? I thought that if you’re like me and like to have a scary Halloween dinner before the children go out to trick or treat, you might want to serve a dessert. You can always serve up some graveyard pudding, but what if you want something different. That’s the reason why I have collected these four Halloween cakes. These cakes are very different and range from cute to creepy, but each of them is delectable.

Let’s take a look at the cakes.

Disgustingly Oozy Brain Cake

This cakes name says it all. If you’re looking for the grossest, most disgusting, and oozy brain cake to serve after a scary Halloween dinner, this is the perfect choice.

Halloween Jello Poke Cake

No tricks, just treats when you make this easy, festive, and fun Halloween Jello Poke Cake! Three fruity flavors and colors turn this cake into a not-to-scary sweet delight perfect for your Halloween parties!

Halloween Hot Cocoa Ghost Cake

This fun and cute Halloween Ghost Cake recipe is a perfect centerpiece for this years festivities. This cake consists of a layer of fudge brownie, chocolate ganache and marshmallow ghosts.

Oreo Biscuit Cake

Soft, moist Oreo Biscuit Cake with cream cheese frosting and decorated with Oreo bats, this simple Halloween cake will leave you drooling!

Two photos compose a collage with an orange square on the bottom with black text which reads "four cakes for Halloween."  The top photo is of a white cake with streaks of green, orange, and purple throughout.  The cake is frosted with a white frosting and sprinkled with orange and black sprinkles.  The bottom photo is of a round layer cake that's frosted white.  The bottom of the cake is covered in dark oreo crumbs, and there's a ring of these crumbs around the edge of the top of the cake as well.  There are three bats made from oreos on top of the cake.

What do you think of our collection of Halloween cakes? Which one do you think would be your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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