A collage of 8 photos which include a photo of a chocolate Halloween Trifle. Halloween cookie dough balls, Halloween dirt cups, swam monsters, chocolate marshmallow cauldrons, chocolate eye ball cookies, and witches hats and pretzel spiders.

No Bake Halloween Treats

No bake Halloween treats are the perfect solution if you don’t want to turn on the oven or if your oven is broken. Some of these recipes are simple enough for the kids to make by themselves. Others require some adult supervision. Whichever of these no bake Halloween treats you choose to prepare, you’re going to enjoy them, so get in the kitchen and make some Halloween memories with your family.

Before we begin, if you’re looking for Halloween Rice Krispie Treats, we have an entire post dedicated to them. You can find that post, and all of the ideas for Halloween Rice Krispie Treats here.

Halloween Dirt Cups

A short clear plastic cup filled with chocolate pudding and topped with crumbled oreos.  This gives the appearance of dark dirt.  The top is decorated with small lavender and white flowers in front of a cookie that is stuck in the pudding.  The part that's sticking above the oreo dirt is marked RIP with melted chocolate.

Halloween Dirt Cups are an easy, make-ahead dessert made with the most delicious homemade chocolate pudding and dark chocolate Oreo crumbs.

White Chocolate Ghost Haystacks

White ghosts made from white chocolate covered chow mein noodles and peanuts are decorated with drops of black icing to create two black eyes and one black circular mouth.

Make your Halloween treats a little less scary by adding wholesome ingredients. My white chocolate ghost haystacks put a healthy twist on the classic dessert. Your little goblins will never know!

Halloween Brownie Batter Dip

A bowl is filled with a brown batter that's been topped with a light green frosting that's decorated with orange, green and black sprinkles as well as candy eyeballs.

Easy and delicious brownie batter dip that is ready in under 10 minutes! It’s great for fruit, pretzels, cookies and crackers.

Witch Hat Halloween Cookies

Dipped chocolate cookies are decorated with a chocolate kiss that's adhered to the cookie with orange frosting.  Orange and black nonpareils are arranged in the icing that's seeped out from under the chocolate kiss.  These look like chocolate witches hats that have orange and black bands on them.

Witch Hat Cookies are an EASY Halloween cookie recipe that delivers on the fun factor! Perfect for a Halloween party and no baking is required!

Chocolate Swamp Monsters

Chow mein noodles bound together with chocolate are decorated with candy eyes to create these adorable chocolate swamp monsters.

Quick and easy to make, these cute swamp monsters are the perfect Halloween treat!

Graveyard Pudding

Graveyard Pudding--cookie tombstones peek out of a base of crumbled oreos. Candied pumpkins and candy corn are distributed among the graveyard.

Graveyard pudding is a chocolate mousse type pudding that has Oreo cookie crumbs throughout. It’s creamy, chocolatey, and delicious. Decorated with candy corn and cookie tomb stones, it’s the perfect Halloween treat.

Nutter Butter Ghosts

Nutter butter cookies are dipped in white chocolate and decorated with candy eyes to create ghost like cookies.

These adorable Nutter Butter ghosts require just 3 ingredients! Perfect for making with kids for a family fun activity.

Spooky Chocolate Pretzel Spiders

Pretzel legs stick out from chocolate covered centers adorned with candy eyes to create these spooky chocolate pretzel spiders.

If you love Halloween as much as me, then you will love these Spooky Chocolate Pretzel Spiders! They are kid friendly, easy to make and super tasty!

Chocolate Marshmallow Cauldrons

A chocolate phyllo shell is filled with a green marshmallow goo that's decorated with orange and black Halloween sprinkles as well s a plastic spider and a pretzel to give the impression of a stirring stick in these adorable chocolate Marshmallow cauldrons.

These witches cauldrons are such a fun and delicious Halloween treat that is NO BAKE! They are perfect for kids to make and eat and can be assembled in just under 10 minutes!

Witch Hat Cookies (Vegan)

A chocolate wafer cookie is topped with vegan fudge shaped like chocolate kisses.  Several are decorated with white star shaped sprinkles.  One is decorated with yellow star shaped sprinkles.  That one has a bite out of it exposing the fudgy center of the witches hat.

These vegan witch hat cookies require only 3 ingredients and your creative magic.

Halloween Dirt Cups

Several glasses are arranged on top of a purple table cloth.  All are in soft focus except the one that is front and center in the photo.  The bottom of the glass has a layer of chocolate pudding.  The next layer is crushed chocolate cookies.  This is followed by a layer of light green pudding followed by another layer of  crushed cookies.   These layers are repeated once more.  The top of this "dirt cup" parfait has gummi worms  and candy eyes on top.  Three witches finger cookies are sticking out of the "dirt" in the cup.

Halloween Dirt Cups look like overturned earth but taste heavenly! Creamy chocolate and vanilla layers are sprinkled with handfuls of crushed Oreo “dirt.” The finishing touches are chocolate pretzel “monster fingers,” gummy worms, and candy eyeballs!

Halloween Eyeball Cookies

Three chocolate filled chocolate cookies are are stacked on top of each other.  Two candy eyes are placed on the frosting between each cookie.

These Halloween Monster Eye Ball Cookies are an easy Halloween treat to make with only 3 ingredients and a few minutes. They are fun for the kiddoes to make unsupervised.

No Bake Spider Cookies

An orange plate is topped with cookies that are frosted in purple, orange, and cookies and cream frosting.  On top of each cookie is a miniature oreo cookie that has been transformed into a spider by the addition of candy eyes and licorice string legs.

With their big googly eyes and creepy little legs, these no bake oreo spider cookies will be the hit of your Halloween celebration.

Frankenstein Cookies

Graham crackers that are frosted with green candy melts and decorated with  black sprinkles and black frosting for hair, neck bolts, and mouths.  Candy eyes are placed on front.  These look like Frankenstein.

These easy Frankenstein cookies are made with graham crackers. These easy Halloween cookies are so simple that kids can make them without any help.

Peanut Butter Spiders

Peanut butter confection has pretzel legs stuck into them.  Chocolate chips make the eyes.

Here are some delicious and fun-to-make spiders for this Halloween season! Make these tasty snacks and kids will love to eat them!

Halloween Graveyard Treats

Individual cups are filled with oreo dirt.  The tops are decorated with cake frosting-- a piped rim of green, a piped pumpkin, and a piped flower.  There is a oval shaped cookie inserted in each one which has the RIP piped onto it.

These Halloween graveyard treats are fun for any school or home party, or as a spooky family dessert! Chocolate pudding topped with crushed Oreo “dirt” is decorated with icing pumpkins, flowers, and ghosts & ghouls! A cookie headstone makes the finishing touch.

Spooky Halloween Popcorn Balls

Caramel colored popcorn balls have been drizzled with white chocolate.  Candy eyes have been stuck into the frosting, and a chocolate spider has been attached to each popcorn ball.

These popcorn balls are the perfect snack idea for a Halloween party or movie night! Fresh popcorn is tossed with a soft, vanilla caramel and wrapped in spooky marshmallow spider webs and chocolate spiders! You can also use candy eyes to make mummy popcorn balls. A great Halloween idea for kids and so fun to make and eat!

Halloween No Bake Cheesecake

This wedge of Halloween cheesecake has a layer of cheesecake and a layer of a clear gelatin on top.  Trapped between the layers are two bloodshot eyeballs and trails of red which looks like blood.  Small candy eyes are on the plate along with a candy knife that has a drop of edible blood on the end.

Halloween No-Bake Cheesecake is a delicious dessert with layers of cheesecake, pumpkin caramel and cream soda jello all nestled in an Oreo crust. This easy, fun and spooky Halloween dessert will get rave reviews

Chocolate Swiss Roll Bat Cakes

A tube shaped chocolate Swiss roll has two candy eyes and a mouth on the front.  Two chocolate wings are attached to the back of the roll which gives the appearance of a bat with wings.

While these chocolate Swiss roll bat cakes are more cute than spooky, they are super easy to make – You don’t even need to turn on the oven and they are SO adorable!

Graveyard Oreo Halloween Dirt Cups

Clear plastic cups are filled with chocolate pudding and topped with crushed oreos.  On top of the crushed oreos are small white bone shaped sprinkles, and gummy worms. Oval shaped cookies with RIP written on them are stuck in some of the cups.  Other cookies have a ghost face drawn on them.

Kids love plays on words and objects. This Halloween dirt cups treat is no exception since they’ll thrill on eating a “graveyard”!

Halloween Popcorn Balls

Orange tinted popcorn balls have a tootsie roll stem sticking out of the top, and a green candy leaf stuck to the side.

There’s nothing more festive than Halloween popcorn balls. It’s a salty, sweet and fun treat to make!

Halloween Chocolate Dipped Oreos

On a background that includes a black and white skull platter, a bunch of oreo cookies that have been dipped in candy melts are arranged.  The cookies have been decorated as mummies, jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins, mummies, and purple monsters with multiple eyes.

These Halloween Chocolate Dipped Oreos are easy, festive, and delicious. Grab the kids because they are going to love making this fun Halloween treat with you!

Halloween Chocolate Trifle

These Halloween Trifles are adorable.  They are assembled in small stemmed glasses with flat bottoms.  The bottom layer is crumbled chocolate cake.  The middle layer is orange tinted vanilla pudding.  The top layer is cool whip.  The coolwhip is gopped with candy teeth, a gummi brain, and an eyeball candy as well as chocolate sprinkles.  There's a candy finger sticking out of the back of the glass.

This Easy Halloween Chocolate Trifle recipe is made from cake mix chocolate cake, instant vanilla pudding, Cool Whip, and assorted Halloween Candies. Grab the kiddos because they’ll love making this recipe with you!

Halloween Cookie Dough Balls

Balls of chocolate chip cookie dough are dipped in white chocolate and decorated with drizzled candy melts in purple, or orange, or black or combinations of the colors.  Each dipped ball is decorated with sprinkles or candy eyes to create a very Halloween themed treat.

These Halloween Cookie Dough Balls are an easy no-bake treat that everyone loves. They’re chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough that are dipped in chocolate and decorated for Halloween.

A collage of 12 photos which include a photo of a chocolate Halloween Trifle. Halloween cookie dough balls, Halloween dirt cups, swam monsters, chocolate marshmallow cauldrons, chocolate eye ball cookies, two different types of witches hats, green frosted brownie batter dip, nutter butter ghost cookies, and two types of pretzel spiders.

What did you think of this collection of no bake Halloween treats? Which ones are your favorite? Is there something new you’re going to try this year? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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