This is a four photo collage which shows some of the siix creative ideas for Halloween. Specifically, a Halloween ginger bread house, a three tiered plate with food for a Halloween tea party, a char-BOO-terie board, andt a table topped with three Halloween treats.

Six Creative Ideas for Halloween

This collection of six creative ideas for Halloween is something that seemed like a great ideas to share to help you to plan some fun Halloween activities with your family. Not everyone likes to go out trick or treating, especially with the changes that the world has been experiencing lately. These ideas are all great ideas for a fun Halloween evening at home, so pick one, or more, of these creative ideas, and put on a Halloween movie for a fun time at home with the family. If you like to have a Halloween party, one of these boards will definitely impress your guests.

What did we find for your? Read on to find out.

Easy Halloween Party Food to host a Halloween Tea Party

This photo is of a three tiered plate that's loaded with spooky Halloween treats.  There are spider topped pizzas with black olives serving as spiders atop English muffin pizzas, green witches finger cookies.  Blue monster cookies, chocolate cupcakes with spider legs and eyeballs on top, green chocolate pretzels with candy eyes, and purple worm like cookies, too.  One of our six creative ideas for Halloween.

Who says that tea parties are only for Mother’s day? This list of easy Halloween party food for a tea party is all that you need to have the perfect intimate Halloween party at home with your family or friends.

Halloween Charcuterie Board: CharBOOterie

This dessert board has a coffin shaped container filled with candy body parts--ears, fingers, and eyes.  There's a white pumpkin shaped container filled with black tortillas chips.  Three square containers hold a chocolate looking spread, blackberries, and something that looks like a jam.  Scattered around the board are green witches finger cookies with almond fikngernails, green olives, bat cookies, round wedges of cheese, and  scream face crackers.

This Halloween charcuterie board or charBOOterie, features a variety of sweets and savories that are sure to spook and delight!

Top 20 Halloween Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating that the Whole Family Can Enjoy

An adorable gingerbread house, decorated with Halloween colors is plated on a round wooden board,  There's a  yard formed in front of the house made from candy pumpkins that come in harvest mix.  On the tray, to the side of the house is a handful of candy corn, and there are jars and bowls with other candies for decorating sitting on the table.

If you’re not into trick-or-treating but still celebrate Halloween, this post is loaded with a lot of fun alternative activities to trick or treating that your family will enjoy.

Halloween Candy Board

A large round wooden board is topped wiht parchment paper, and an assortment of different candies are  placed around.  There are sour gummy worms, orange filled oreos, pretzels, tootsie rolls, ghiradelli candy squares, and  Halloween colored m&m candies (red, orange, and brown).

This Halloween candy board is a super fun way to serve all your favorite Halloween treats!

Halloween Candy Charcuterie Board

A tall and thin picture with a small bowl of candy corn sitting on top of a layer of candy corn on the top of this collage.  Under this is a yellow banner which reads "for Halloween."  Under that red letters on a white background read "Candy Charcuterie Board."  Below that is a photo that shows a rectangular board loaded with Halloween candies in a decorative fashion.  There are three bowls--on containing red licorice pie3ces and candy eyeballs, another contains Swedish fish, and the final one contains m&m candies.  Scattered around the board are pieces of chocolate bars, rolos wrapped in gold foil, marshmallow ghosts, candy pumpkins, candy corn, green gummi frogs fake teeth and chocolate covered pumpkins.

Use the tips from this post to create your own Halloween Candy Charcuterie board to serve your friends and family. You could even do this with a mixture of homemade and store bought candies.

Three Kid Friendly Halloween Ideas

Several Halloween themed treats are arranged on a blue background.  There are chocolate cupcakes that have a cookie marked RIP sticking out of them to create a tombstone, a dollop of frosting to create ghosts are next to each cookie tombstone.  A cookie that's coated with strips of white frosting with two candy eyes sticking out from between the "bandages" make mummies.  Partially visible in the photo is a plate of a Halloween colored snack mix or bark.  Brown, orange, and yellow are visible on the plate.

Get the kids involved in making these three fun ideas for Halloween treats including candy corn colored chocolate bark, graveyard cupcakes, and mummy cookies.

A five photo collage showing images of some of the six creative ideas for Halloween.

What do you think of these six creative ideas for Halloween? Which of these ideas do you think you might try? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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    1. Denise, thanks for the comment. The charBOOtery board does look tempting. Personally, Food Critic and I love tea parties, so I’m thinking we’ll have a Halloween tea.

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