Sweet Treats for the 4th of July

22 Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

During the holidays, I love to have festive snack foods. The more festive the foods, the easier it is for us to get caught up in the holiday spirit. This year will be different because of the global pandemic that’s affecting all of our lives, so I have collected recipes for snack foods to serve at your Fourth of July celebration. Check out these amazing treats.

Lemon Mascarpone Doughnuts

Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

Why not begin the day with some homemade doughnuts paired with fresh berries for a patriotic breakfast treat?

Red, White, and Blue Strawberries

Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

Dipped strawberries are perfect any time of year, but these patriotic ones are the perfect choice for the 4th of July.

Fireworks Sugar Cookies

Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

I love how the different colors in these cookies swirl together to give the impression of fireworks. They are cute and festive.

Red, White and Blue Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Snacks for Fourth of July

Pretzels dipped in chocolate are delicious. There’s something about the combination of the salty pretzel with the sweet chocolate. The addition of colorful stars make these perfect for the holiday.

Patriotic Marshmallow Popcorn

Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

Popcorn is a frugal food, and making your own flavored popcorn is brilliant. This makes a great Fourth of July snack.

Patriotic Bark

Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

Bark is a simple recipe that doesn’t require a great deal of preparation. This version combines sweet and salty for a perfect Fourth of July treat.

American Flag Fruit Skewer

Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

This a a great treat to have your children help prepare. Alternating fruit with miniature marshmallows makes a great flag display on the serving tray.

Patriotic Surfboard Cookies

Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

These surfboard cookies are too cute for words. They are perfect for any day, but look impressive on your holiday table.

Patriotic Cake Mix Cookie Bars

Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

These cookie bars are a great choice to make with your children. They start with a cake mix, so there’s less measuring. There’s no rolling cookies, either, so they’re in the oven in a jiff.

Make These Super Cute Fourth of July Patriotic Marshmallow Star Shooters!

Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

Colorful marshmallows alternated on skewers make a simple and delightful treat. My children love these.

Red White and Blue Parfaits

Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

If you’re looking for something a little healthier, you might want to consider making these parfaits. They’re still festive, but they’re a little healthier.

4th of July Red White and Blue Fudge

Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

Fudge is always a favorite around here. This multi-colored fudge is a great addition to your Fourth of July dessert table.

Spiral Sparkler and Flag Cookies

Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

These cookies look amazing. I love the detail on the flags. The spiral sparkler cookies look good. Want to impress your friends? Give these cookies a try.

Easy Patriotic Pretzel Almond Bark Recipe

Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

This bark contains, almonds, and pretzels and is decorated with lots of red, white, and blue. It’s a great patriotic treat for the 4th.

American Flag Stained Glass Cookies

Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

I am always amazed when people make stained glass cookies. These cookies are beautiful. They will definitely impress your friends and family.

Red, White, and Blue Dessert – Chocolate Pretzels!

Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

I love chocolate covered pretzels, and this colorful combination makes a wonderful addition to any Fourth of July celebration.

Red, White and Blue Cherry Almond Sugar Cookies

Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

I adore almond sugar cookies, and these red white and blue cookies take the cake. They are a perfect dessert. They even have a cherry on top.

Patriotic Trail Mix

Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

Trail mix is a summer staple in our household. This combination of patriotic colors makes a great snack for our Independence day celebration.

Patriotic Sprinkle Cookies

Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

Star shaped sugar cookies with appropriate sprinkles is all you really need for a perfect treat. You also need the perfect recipe. Click on the photo above to find one.

Cake Pops Recipe – Patriotic Stars

Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

Cake pops are a fun treat, and I love how these are shaped like stars and decorated with red, white, and blue candy.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels Recipe + Tutorial

Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

These pretzels are a simple and festive choice for a treat for the Fourth of July. They’re great to pack to take to the fireworks, too.

Boozy Cherry Bombs (Alcoholic Treat for Adults)

Sweet Treats for Fourth of July

These alcoholic treats for adults were just too adorable to pass up. They’re a very cute and festive treat, and aside from needing to soak for eight hours in the fridge, the preparation is quick.

That’s our list of Twenty-Two Sweet Treats for Fourth of July. Was there something on our list that you liked? We have some others if you didn’t find what you’re looking for here.

We have a collection of cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and cookie bars.

If it’s too hot to turn on the oven, there’s also a collection of no bake desserts.

If you want to chill, we have a nice collection of frozen treats, too.

If you’re looking for drinks, we have a collection of eleven patriotic beverages.

What do you think of our collection of sweet treats for the 4th of July? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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