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Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving side dishes can sometimes outshine the turkey, and that’s fine with me. My favorite part of the Thanksgiving turkey is all the leftover turkey that I can transform into delicious dinners, but this post isn’t about the turkey. It’s all about side dishes.

This collection of Thanksgiving side dishes is here to help you plan your holiday meal. This post is still a work in progress, and we’ll be updating it to add other side dishes as we complete the collection. So if you don’t find what you’re looking for today, you may find it in the future. If there’s a type of side you’re looking for, leave us a comment, and we’ll try to add that to our list.

We’re glad you’re here, and we’re here to help, so peruse our list of Thanksgiving side dishes. We’re sure you’ll find something perfect for your holiday table.

A basket of Potatoes toppled on its side spilling red and yellow potatoes onto the ground.


Potatoes are the quintessential comfort food, so no holiday table is complete without some potato side dishes. Because potatoes are so versatile, we’re going to separate them into different preparation methods, but we’ll start with everyone’s favorite.

Mashed Potatoes

A collage of 6 photos of different mashed potato recipes that are included in the linked post.  Mashed potatoes are the perfect Thanksgiving side dish.

Mashed potatoes are one of the must-have side dishes on the holiday table. If you’re eager to switch up your mashed potato recipe, you definitely need to check out this collection of 41 different mashed potato recipes. We’ve collected recipes for mashed potatoes that are vegan, gluten and dairy free, and keto. There are also recipes that are made in the slow cooker and instant pot as well as recipes that can be made ahead.

Sweet Potatoes

A collage containing photos of 6 of the sweet potato recipes in the linked post.  Sweet Potatoes are the perfect Thanksgiving side dish.

Sweet potatoes are a necessary part of all of our holiday meals, and this collection of 29 different ways to make sweet potatoes is a great resource to create something amazing and different for your holiday table. You’ll find mashed sweet potatoes, twice-baked sweet potatoes, air fryer sweet potatoes, and pressure cooker recipes just to name a few. You’re sure to find the perfect sweet potato recipe for your meal.

Green Beans

A collage showing 6 different green bean recipes that are featured in the linked post. Green Beans are a great Thanksgiving side dish.

You’ll never believe how many people have green bean casseroles on the menu for their holiday meals. This collection of recipes contains versions of the green been casserole recipe that are vegan, keto, gluten free, and there’s even one that’s made without processed foods. If you’re not a fan of green bean casserole, don’t worry. There are also other recipes for green beans that include the use of an air fryer or roasting as well as the traditional stove top methods. If you want to serve green beans on your holiday table, you definitely to check out this collection.

Brussels Sprouts

A six photo collage of different brussels sprouts recipes that are included in the linked post.  Brussels sprouts are a great Thanksgiving side dish.

Brussels sprouts are a definite fall and winter food, and they seem to go well with holiday meals. People have strong opinions about brussels sprouts. If you’ve never tried them, or if you don’t like them, you should definitely sample some of the recipes in this collection. They may make you a convert.


A collage composed of six photos of some of the squash recipes that are featured in the linked post.  Squash can make a great Thanksgiving side dish.

Squash is another typical fall and winter food. This selection of squash recipes contains several options that are great for your holiday table. There are recipes that are keto, vegan, and gluten free. Some of the recipes are roasted, other’s are prepared on the stove top, slow cooker, or air fryer. Whatever you’re looking for, we hope you find a delicious squash recipe that meets your needs.


A 6 photo collage of cranberry recipes that are featured in the linked post.  Cranberries are an essential Thanksgiving side dish.  .

Cranberries are another absolutely essential side dish on your holiday table. This collection of recipes includes the usual cranberry sauces, but some of these have some unique flavors. There are also recipes for cranberry salsa and relish as well as other side dishes that contain cranberries.

As we mentioned above, this post is a work in progress, so we’ll be adding to the collection of recipe. Be sure to check back when we have these links ready to go.







Atypical Vegetable Sides


pie made with russett potatoes

This isn’t the final dessert post, but we realized that we can’t leave this work in progress without a few desserts, so we decided to share four of our unique pies to help you finish out your meal. Each of these pies reflects the flavors of the season, but with some unusual ingredients that will have your friends talking about your amazing culinary skills. Here are our picks for unique pies for your holiday table.

A collage that contains 36 photos of thanksgiving side dish recipes.  On the bottom of the collage is a banner which reads 'Thanksgiving Side Dishes".

What do you think about this collection of Thanksgiving side dishes? Did you find something you like? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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