Fourth of July Treats for Special Diets

Nine Fourth of July Treats for Special Diets

Holidays are a time to celebrate, but for people with special diets or dietary sensitivities, family get-togethers can be stressful. A friend of mine who has gluten intolerance always worries if there will be something that she is able to eat when she is invited to someone’s house. This collection of recipes is for those people who have someone in your circle of friends, or […]

Five Things I Detest about my Instant Pot

Five Things I Despise about the Instant Pot

There are things that I really despise about my Instant Pot. I’m not new to pressure cooking, so a lot of the complaints that people have about the Instant Pot don’t really bother me. I knew that pressure cookers take time to build up pressure which adds to the cooking time. I still have my old, stove top, model that I bought ages ago, and […]

25 Must have spices for your pantry

25 “Must Have” Spices for your Pantry

What are your “must have” spices? Every home cook has certain spices, or seasonings, that they always reach for. These are the dried spices, or spice blends, that absolutely have to be in their pantry in order for them to create meals. I was recently cleaning out my cabinets and discovered that I had many dried spices that I’ve only used once or twice. They […]

Quarantine Cooking: What am I supposed to do with all of these cans?

Quarantine Cooking: What can I do with all of these cans?

Are you one of the people who rushed to the store in a panic when you heard that there might be a quarantine and there was a chance that you would be confined to your home for an extended period of time? Did you, in your haste, fill your cart with cans of food that you don’t usually buy or eat? Now that you’ve blown […]

Baked Oatmeal is an extremely frugal breakfast. Feed 8 for under two dollars.

Baked Oatmeal

I have been making Baked Oatmeal since the beginning of our Pantry Cooking Challenge. It’s my new favorite, pantry friendly, breakfast recipe. I love it fresh from the oven, but I also love that I can make a big pan of this and store it in the fridge. That way, everyone can serve themselves a chunk and reheat it in the microwave. It’s a truly […]

Food Storage Queso Dip

Food Storage Queso Dip

Everyone in my house loves nachos, so trying to make nacho cheese out of canned ingredients seemed like a good idea. I can tell you I’m very glad I did. This recipe has only two ingredients. It’s simple to prepare, and my family loved it. Food Storage Nacho Cheese is a definite winner, and something we might make even when we’re not in the middle […]

Jambalaya from the Pantry

Jambalaya from the Pantry

Jambalaya from the Pantry is a simple recipe. There is more than one way to dress up boxed jambalaya mix, but we chose this method for our Pantry Cooking Challenge. With the exception of a fresh yellow onion, this recipe is made entirely from shelf stable ingredients. I guess that, technically, an onion is a shelf stable item. It’s just not a long term food […]

Burrilada--A burrito baked enchilada style.


Burrilada is what you get when you transform a burrito into an enchilada. I really wanted to call this recipe Easy Enchiritos which I think sounded better, but Taco Bell already trademarked the name, Enchirito, so Burrilada it is. This recipe continues our Pantry Cooking Series. Today’s recipe begins with frozen burritos. These particular burritos had been abandoned in our freezer long enough that they […]

Tuna Mac and Cheese

Tuna Mac and Cheese Skillet

Tuna Mac and Cheese Skillet has only six ingredients. It’s simple to prepare, and makes a delicious, and simple, dinner from the pantry. This is a great recipe for a beginner cook because it starts with boxed macaroni and cheese. That means that you can make Tuna Mac and Cheese Skillet in record time, and have dinner on the table in under 30 minutes. I […]

Chicken Taco Casserole

Chicken Taco Casserole

Chicken Taco Casserole is a simple, satisfying meal that’s great for a weeknight. The ingredients list for this recipe includes five different cans, so it’s definitely a pantry recipe. I already had some cream cheese, sour cream and cheese in the refrigerator, so I was able to make this Chicken Taco Casserole without needing to go to the store. If things were different, I might […]