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Do Food Bloggers Have Cats?

As a novice food blogger, I frequently study the blogs and styles of other, more successful, food bloggers.  Often, this study is very educational.  There are bloggers out there who willingly share their knowledge with others, and there are bloggers who will share their knowledge if you pay a fee to join a group.

In my study of other food bloggers, I have noticed a trend that I didn’t expect.  Many food bloggers  include updates and information about their pets on their sites, and most of these food bloggers seem to have dogs.

I first noticed this trend  with Ree, The Pioneer Woman, Drummond and her dog Charlie.  She lives on a ranch and has other pets, but Charlie is obviously the canine star of her life.  He even has his own series of children’s books, so maybe, I should say that Charlie is Ree’s muse.

Lindsay, at Pinch of Yum, has Sage, their rescue dog.  Sage is beagle mix who is adorable, and they have fallen completely in love with her.  They provide frequent updates about Sage on their site which are entitled “Sage in…” whatever month the update is for.

Chungah at Damn Delicious has a pair of Pembroke welsh corgis, Ollie and Butters.  They are cute and appear to be very spoiled.   I base spoiled on the number of sweaters they wear and the fact that Chungah even makes them homemade dog treats and has several  recipes for dog food and treats on her site.

Kathryne, of Cookie and Kate, has an adorable little spotted dog named Cookie.  Cookie is reported to very friendly and works as the “Chief Crumb Catcher” at Cookie and Kate.

Nagi, at Recipe Tin Eats, has Dozer, a lovely, and apparently well trained, Golden Retriever.   Scroll to the bottom of the post that’s linked to apparently well trained, and you will see what I mean. Nagi finishes most of her posts with a photo of Dozer, so all of her readers get a glimpse into his life.

Jen, at Carlsbad Cravings, has a sweet little dog named Kiwi.   Kiwi stayed with Jen during a severe episode of hypoglycemia and Jen credits Kiwi for helping to save her live.  That is one special little dog.   Her husband, Patrick, sounds pretty amazing, too, but this post is about dogs, not husbands.  Sorry, Patrick.

Lisette, at Northern Belle Diaries, has two adorable little dogs, Chip and Daisy.  Since Chip was of uncertain lineage, Lisette had DNA testing done to find out what his ancestry was.  The process and results were very interesting.  Regardless of their ancestry, these are some very cute dogs.

I apologize if I have left out anyone.  Those are just the food bloggers that I am aware of who have pet dogs.

I’m not denying that dogs make great companions.  In fact, they’re great.   We have a dog–his name is Riddick.  He has eaten my avocado tree and has made my grapevines disappear.  (He ate them, too.)    There’s also some, more than circumstantial, evidence that suggests that he may have been killing and eating chickens.  What can I say?  He’s a work in progress, but I digress.

I’m  wondering where cats fit into the scheme of things with regard to food bloggers.     I have only found one food blog with a cat.  That blog is From Cats to Cooking.  Isabel has a page devoted to her cat, Charlie.   As you click on each photo, there’s a caption.  We learn that Charlie doesn’t really like the camera, but Isabel believes that he would make a great cat model if not for that one flaw. He is quite handsome, so she may be right.

I have a cat,  her name is Phoebe.  She’s very smart, knows tons of tricks, and is always there to meet our guests.   She is, what Jackson Galaxy would call, a Mojito Cat.    We just call her Phoebes.  She has some huge responsibilities here at Patty Cake’s Pantry.   For instance,  she is solely responsible for making sure that there’s no TV time until all blogging tasks are completed.  I dare you to try to take that remote from her without the proper permission.     Food Blogger's CatPhoebe, Baker’s Man, Sue Chef, Bus Boy, Food Critic, and I believe that cats are seriously underrepresented among food bloggers.  We ask that if you are a food blogger, and you have a cat, please leave a comment so we can know that you’re out there.

Thanks for visiting Patty Cake’s Pantry.

4 thoughts on “Do Food Bloggers Have Cats?

  1. Hi Patty, Yes, I am a food blogger….with two precious pets, a rescue cat named Amber, who looks like Pheobes sister. And a rescue black lab named Rider. They are especially happy when I am cooking and reward them with a tiny tidbit. Thanks to your blog today, I realize I have rarely mentioned these adorable members of my family in my stories.

    1. Cool. When I get around to writing a follow up post, I will link to your site. It just seems like the dog people blog more often about their pets. I’m glad to know that I’m not alone.

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