Chicken Salad for Sandwiches

Chicken Salad for Sandwiches

I love chicken salad.  It’s creamy, crunchy, and versatile.  Best of all, I can make it without turning on the stove or oven, as long as I have leftover chicken or some canned chicken in my pantry.    This makes chicken salad perfect for those warmer days.   You have to love Spring weather.   Warm during the day, cold at night, then suddenly, the temperature soars into the 90’s, and it’s too hot to turn on the stove, but that’s okay.  Today may be hot, but in a few days, it’ll be cold again.   In the meantime, I’m going to make some chicken salad.

The recipe says that this chicken salad is for sandwiches, but it doesn’t have to be.  It can be piled on top of a green salad, or served with crackers, or just eaten by the spoonful.  I have been known to do all of the above.  Please, don’t judge me.

All that’s required to put together this delicious combination is a bit of chopping and some stirring.Chicken Salad for Sandwiches

Chopped chicken is placed in a bowl with diced celery and sprinkled with salt and pepper (if desired).Chicken Salad for Sandwiches

Then quartered red grapes get invited to the party.

Chicken Salad for SandwichesSliced, or slivered, almonds add a nice crunch.

Chicken Salad for SandwichesFinally, mayonnaise binds it all together.

Chicken Salad for SandwichesAllow to chill for a few minutes or serve immediately.  This is such a cool and refreshing salad on a warm spring day.  We know you’re going to love it.

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Chicken Salad for Sandwiches
Recipe type: Salad
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
Simple chicken salad is elevated to new heights by the addition of almonds and grapes. Cool and refreshing. This recipe is a keeper. Cook's Note: You can substitute canned chicken breast which has been drained for the cooked chicken. Total Cost of Recipe: $2.80 or $0.70 per serving.
  • ¾ pound of chilled, cooked chicken chopped into bite sized pieces (about 1 cup) ($1.50)
  • 1 rib of celery diced. (makes approximately ½ cup diced celery) ($0.10)
  • 1 cup of whole red grapes, quartered (makes between ½ and ¾ cup) ($0.45)
  • ¼ cup slivered (or sliced) almonds (I intended to use slivered almonds, but I only had sliced) ($0.50)
  • ¼ cup mayonnaise (or more to taste) ($0.25)
  • Salt and Pepper to taste (optional)
  1. Combine chicken, celery, quartered red grapes, and almonds in a 4 cup bowl.
  2. Add mayonnaise, and stir to combine.
  3. Allow to chill for 30 minutes to one hour before serving to allow the flavors to combine.
  4. Serve.

chicken salad for sandwiches

Nutrition Information is calculated based upon the recipe made with boneless and skinless chicken breasts. Bread for serving was not included in the calculation.

Nutrition Facts
Amount Per Serving
Calories 191
% Daily Value
Total Fat 9g
Saturated Fat 1g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 56mg
Sodium 265mg
Total Carbohydrates 0.0g
Dietary Fiber 1.2g
Sugars 4.4g
Protein 20.5g
Vitamin A 4%
Vitamin C 4%
Calcium 2%
Iron 2%


4 thoughts on “Chicken Salad for Sandwiches

  1. Another easy and tasty recipe for warm desert days. Perfect timing for a Father’s Day picnic or simple Sunday night supper. If I don’t have grapes, dried cranberries or craisins are a crunchy substitute. Radishes too. Happy summer.

    1. Brenda, I’m so glad you like this recipe. You’re right about using dried fruit in place of the grapes. I have and older recipe for cranberry chicken salad. I love the combination of raisins and some chopped apple in my chicken salad, too. In fact, I will be publishing a chicken Waldorf salad recipe that uses that combination of flavors in the future.

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