A large photo of a bottle of amarula vanilla spice cream next to a mug filled with a light amber liquid that's topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with spices is to the left. To the right are two smaller photos. One is of a tall glass with red, blood-like drips coming from the rim of the glass which is filled with a pale pink liquid and glass. A wedge of lime os on the top of the glass. Below that phot is a cup sitting on a gray napkin on an orange background. The cup is filled wiht a layered drink that has layers and streaks of white, red, and black visible through the sides of the plastic cup. The top is covered with whipped cream and sprinkled with black edible glitter.

Halloween Beverages

I’ve been busy collecting an assortment of Halloween treats, but I realized that you might want to serve a festive drink on Halloween, too. As a result, I decided to collect a few Halloween beverages for you to consider as an option this Halloween. I realize that there are only three, but Halloween is tomorrow, so I had limited time. Two of them are definitely […]