Sum Gum Soup, A Leftover Makeover

The failed batch of Sum Gum kept taunting me from inside the refrigerator.  It had already been two days, and I shuddered each time I saw it lurking on the second shelf.  I had to do something with it before it spoiled, but I wasn’t sure exactly what.   It was time for me to gather my resources and do a leftover makeover. The purpose of […]

The Leftover Makeover

Leftover Makeovers

I keep thinking about the amount of food that gets wasted in this country and how much money is wasted by throwing away food that could be eaten.  I wanted to understand this problem better, so I began with my friend who doesn’t like to eat leftovers.  After our discussion, I realized that a big part of the problem with leftovers for her family is […]