Looking down into a bowl which contains slices of cooked cabbage, bround meat, visibile slices of onion, and julienned carrot. The bowl is topped with sliced green onions.

Quick and Easy Egg Roll in a Bowl

Egg roll in a bowl is a simple and delicious meal that comes together in about thirty minutes which makes it great for a weeknight dinner. In fact, we have been eating this about once a week for the last month. Egg Roll in a bowl is one of Food Critic’s favorite meals, right after homemade macaroni and cheese and enchiladas. I first heard of […]

Sweet Potatoes--Five Ways

Sweet Potatoes–Five Ways

Sweet Potatoes are a Fall favorite in our household, so we decided to share five different ways to prepare them. This time of year, I can frequently find fresh sweet potatoes on sale for fifty cents per pound, so they’re a frugal choice as a side dish. These five recipes for sweet potatoes aren’t arranged in any particular order; they’re all delicious. Pineapple Sweet Potatoes […]

Swedish Meatball Stroganoff

Swedish Meatball Stroganoff

When most people think of meatballs, they think of spaghetti.  Some think of the meatball sandwich, but meatballs are a very versatile food item.  Whether you make your own meatballs or buy prepared frozen meatballs, there are many ways that you can serve these little orbs that don’t involve using marinara or covering them in barbecue sauce.  When I find ground beef or turkey on […]