Canned Fruit Cobbler

Canned Fruit Cobbler

This recipe is similar to my easy nectarine cobbler, but it’s made with canned fruit instead of fresh, and we’ve swapped the butter for a mild flavored oil.  The result is a super delicious cobbler that is somewhat reminiscent of a bread pudding in texture, except for the crispy top.   It’s a favorite with our family, and I’m certain it will be a favorite […]

Chicken Linguine Alfredo

Chicken Linguine Alfredo

Alfredo is a huge favorite in our household, so I couldn’t let a month of canned recipes go by without trying to make a version of Chicken Linguine Alfredo using canned food.    The specific canned ingredients chosen for this recipe were canned milk and canned chicken, and the result was delicious.  In fact,  I may use canned milk in my Alfredo more often. 

Baked No Boil Mac and Cheese

Baked No Boil Mac and Cheese

In my humble opinion, nothing says comfort food like macaroni and cheese.  This version is baked, beginning with uncooked macaroni.  Not cooking the macaroni first saves some hands on time.  This helps to get dinner on the table while you are busy helping the kids with homework or working on that report for work.    The best part is that this recipe for Baked No […]

Chicken and Dumplings from Food Storage

Nothing says comfort food like chicken and dumplings.  This version which begins with canned chicken, cream of celery, or cream of mushroom soup, canned mixed vegetables, and canned milk simplifies the process significantly.  This recipe has chicken and dumplings ready to serve in about a half an hour.  Simple and delicious, this recipe will put chicken and dumplings back on the weeknight menu. 

Corn Bread--canned milk and a chia seed egg make this a shelf stable recipe

Corn Bread

Corn bread is a delicious accompaniment to soups, barbecued meats, and beans.  This recipe may seem like a strange thing to include in a month of canned food recipes, but the fact is that corn bread can be made with canned milk, and canned milk is often under-appreciated as an ingredient.  

pie made from irish potatoes

Ice Potato Pie

What can you do when you need to make a holiday pie, but don’t have any sweet potatoes, pecans, or pumpkin in the house?  The answer is simple.  Take some of those russet potatoes that are almost always hanging around the house, cook them, mash them, and turn them into a delicious Ice Potato Pie.  This pie is every bit as delicious as a sweet […]

A slice of navy bean pie

Navy Bean Pie

I decided to finish out my 30 days of beans with another dessert recipe, the Navy Bean Pie.  This pie recipe is not something made by the Navy, at least not to my knowledge.  It is, in fact, made from navy beans which are reported to have been a staple food of the US Navy in the early 20th century. This pie has its roots […]