A collage showing four different cakes. Starting on the top left there's a cake, frosted with white frosting and layered with oreo crumbs. Around the top, there's a ring of crushed oreos around the top of the cake and oreo cookies decorated to look like bats are arranged on the top. To it's right, there's a multicolored cake --orange, green, and purple, frosted with white frosting and topped with sprinkles. Below that cake, is a cake which looks like a bleeding human grain with a knife sticking out of if. The last photo is to the left of that one and is a chocolate single layer of brownies, topped with meringue that's been toasted.

Four Halloween Cakes

Why have we put together a post of four Halloween Cakes? I thought that if you’re like me and like to have a scary Halloween dinner before the children go out to trick or treat, you might want to serve a dessert. You can always serve up some graveyard pudding, but what if you want something different. That’s the reason why I have collected these […]