cheese atop a chili filled baked potato

Chili Topped Potato

This post is really not a recipe.  It’s not even an original idea.  I just wanted to share one of the other ways that we make use of leftovers.  Chili is one of those things that is great for leftovers.  There are so many ways that leftover chili can be used, so when I make a pot of chili, I always plan to make a double batch.  That way, I can freeze some for later use in meal sized containers on busy nights.  It’s as convenient as canned chili, but it’s healthier and usually less expensive ounce per ounce. I’ve […]

chili mac topped with shredded cheese and ready to eat

Chili Mac

What can you do with leftover chili?  There are many possible answers to that question, but a hearty and delicious option is to turn it into Chili Mac.  This recipe requires only three ingredients–chili, pasta, and shredded cheese.   There are canned version of chili mac available, but there’s no substitute for the homemade version, and it’s not difficult to make at all. All you need to do is heat up some leftover chili while you cook a pound of pasta.  For this dish, I generally use large elbow noodles, but I have been known to use penne or rotini in […]