Bean Broth adds a new depth of flavor to Rice Obrient

Lima Bean Rice O’Brien

Remember those Lima beans that I cooked a while back?  After we had eaten all of the beans, I still had a pint of  leftover Lima bean broth. Regular visitors know that I like to try to eliminate as much food waste as possible in our home.  I needed to do something with that broth before it went bad, and my family wanted a bean […]

Thanksgiving Leftover Make-Over–BBQ Pulled Turkey Sandwiches

I don’t know if any one in your household is getting sick of turkey sandwiches.  Around here, we love them on toasted bread slathered with mayonnaise and topped with thick slices of zesty dill pickles.    Of course, there is one person in our household who is not overly thrilled about turkey leftovers.  This person is Miss Sue Chef.  She is not a big fan of […]

Shrimp and Vegetable Quiche–A Leftover Makeover

Leftovers lurk in the dark recesses of my refrigerator.  They are trying to weaken my resolve to use everything and let nothing go to waste.  Sometimes, it’s something that we didn’t really like that much.  Other times, it’s something that there just isn’t enough of to make a meal.  There are even times when it was such an unusual thing that it just doesn’t seem […]

Sum Gum Soup, A Leftover Makeover

The failed batch of Sum Gum kept taunting me from inside the refrigerator.  It had already been two days, and I shuddered each time I saw it lurking on the second shelf.  I had to do something with it before it spoiled, but I wasn’t sure exactly what.   It was time for me to gather my resources and do a leftover makeover. The purpose of […]