A picture of a mango that has had the flesh cut into cubes, but not separated from the skin is visible sitting atop a white cutting board with a bluish trim. The orange flesh is separated into finger like protrusions as the mang0 has been pushed slightly "inside out" making the skin on the back which is not visible be concave. This causes the finger-like protrusions to separate creating the "petals" of the mango flower. The mango has been sprinkled lightly with chili lime seasoning whith deposited red granules on the petals creating a pretty contrast.

How to Make a Mango Flower

Mango flowers are a retro type “recipe.” This was something that was was popular to make, and serve, in the middle of the 20th century. I say “recipe” because this doesn’t really have any ingredients except for a mango. This “recipe” is simply a series of instructions for cutting the Mango into a “flower.” It’s not even the most complicated or fancy version of a […]