beans and kale atop a pizza

Kale and Cannelini Pizza

It’s pizza night again, and this week, we are having a more traditional pizza, but I’m still skipping the tomato sauce.  This pizza crust was brushed with chopped garlic sauteed in olive oil.The crust was then topped with Mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, and then dusted with Italian seasoning.  Italian sausage, canellini beans, and shredded kale were artfully arranged on top, then  the whole thing was placed in the oven.  Actually, I randomly scattered the toppings, but doesn’t artfully arranged sound better? The final pizza was simple and delicious.  Who knew that beans and red kale on a pizza could be […]

The mexican pizza with refried beans as sauce is removed from the oven

Mexican Pizza

I am trying to mix things up a bit i.e. serve different types of bean dishes so that I can avoid a dining room mutiny.  Toward that end, I decided that we should have some pizza.  I can honestly say that I had never eaten a pizza with beans on it, so this was a challenge.  My first though was of a tostada because pizza and tostadas are both flat.  The difference is that tostadas are topped with beans, so I went with that model to assemble my pizza.To make this pizza I used a pre-made thin pizza crust that […]