Chocolate Pretzel Pumpkin Candies

Chocolate Pretzel and Pumpkin Candies

I love to make variations on simple recipes.  I am in love with the candies that are made by melting either hugs or kisses on top of pretzels and smashing them down with either a candy or a nut.  I have already publishes three variations on this recipe, but I had to do just one more.  You can find the versions with candy corn, marshmallow […]

Pretzel Pecan Turtles

I almost feel guilty about posting this recipe because it’s so simple, but there may be people out there who haven’t seen or heard about these Pecan Pretzel Turtles.   They make a great gift and are a nice addition to a homemade cookie tray.    I had never heard of these candies until I got a book for my Kindle a couple of years ago […]

candy corn, a hug, and a pretzel make halloween candy.

Candy Corn Hugs Pretzel

The name of this post sounds like the headline from a tabloid.  Candy Corn was seen hugging Pretzel.  “Who knew that someone so sweet would melt for someone so tough and salty?”  It sounds like a good start, right?   I didn’t really know what to call this recipe, but as I was thinking about the ingredients, candy corn, hugs, and pretzels, I settled upon the […]