A collage containing phots of 6 of the recipes below.

29 Sweet Potato Recipes

The lowly sweet potato is a nutrient dense food that’s surprisingly versatile as well as economical to add to your menu. Sweet potatoes are a great accompaniment to any meal, and they’re a great addition to a holiday table. In fact, sweet potatoes are requested by certain members of our household for all of the major holiday meals. Because we believe that sweet potatoes are […]

There's a lot of spaghetti in a spaghetti squash. The squash has been cut in half, and the threads "spaghetti" have been separated with a fork.

Five Ways to Cook Spaghetti Squash

Today, I want to talk about spaghetti squash.   You’ve probably seen it in your local store.  An oblong shaped yellow orb,  spaghetti squash is named for the long strands that the flesh of the squash is composed of.  Spaghetti squash doesn’t taste like spaghetti, but the threads of flesh are of a similar size and texture to a very al dente capellini or angel hair pasta.  All […]