The Man's Menu for the Big Game

The Man’s Menu for the Big Game

I left this post’s content to Baker’s Man.  After all, he is “The Man” around here, and according to my way of thinking, his opinion should count when we’re planning a menu for Superbowl Sunday, or any big game.  What follows are Baker’s Man’s selections or as we like to call it “The Man’s Menu for the Big Game?” There are a few criteria that Baker’s Man says are required to ensure that The Man’s Menu for the Big Game is not a flop.

New Year's Eve Party Menu

New Year’s Eve Party Menu

The year is almost over, and this year has presented certain challenges to those of us at Patty Cake’s Pantry, but in spite of these hardships, we decided to ring in the new year with an intimate party for our closest friends and family.   I love to serve food that people can graze on throughout the evening, or that they can grab and snack on while they mingle.   This prevents a bottleneck at the buffet.  This year, we decided to keep things simple.  Our New Years’ Eve Party Menu included the following dishes.

stuffed mushrooms are a deliciuos man pleasing treat.

Make Ahead Recipes for the Big Game

Everyone wants to be able to serve delicious food for their friends during the big game, but no one wants to be tied to the stove.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but I also don’t want to spend over $100 buying food for the gang, either.  I’ve gathered a few of my favorite recipes for game day.  None of these require intensive preparation.  Two can be made ahead and cooked or reheated on the day of the big game.  One can be made in the slow cooker with very little hands on time.  Best of all, they are inexpensive […]

stuffed mushrooms are a deliciuos man pleasing treat.

Stuffed Mushrooms

A co-worker, Joyce, introduced me to these simple yet delicious stuffed mushrooms. When she first told me how she made them, I didn’t believe her. There was no way it was that easy to make delicious, man pleasing, stuffed mushrooms. I won’t admit to calling her a liar to her face, but I think we’ll both agree that I implied it. It was too simple. The unbelievable part is that these mushrooms were made with just 3 ingredients—breakfast sausage, mushrooms, and cream cheese. That’s the entire list of ingredients, and in six simple steps, you have stuffed mushrooms. You can […]