Five Favorite Fall Soups

Five Favorite Fall Soups

Cooler weather seems to have finally settled over our community, and cool weather makes me want to sit down to a warm bowl of soup, stew, or chili after a long day at work.    If you’re not a vegetarian, and you want to add a little extra nutritional punch, as well as extra flavor, to your homemade soup recipes, consider whipping up some homemade bone […]

Four “Accidentally Vegan” Soups

These four vegan soups are not new to Patty Cake’s Pantry.    Just as I did for the Vegan Entrees, I looked through my site to see if there were any vegan soups already in my culinary arsenal.  Until this month, I never set out with the intention of writing a vegan recipe,  but as I reviewed my recipes, I found that I had accidentally created […]

11 Soup Recipes Under 250 Calories per serving

11 Soups Under 250 Calories per Serving

Why am I posting a list of 11 soups under 250 Calories per serving?  It’s mid January which means most of us are preparing to abandon our weight loss resolutions for the new year.  To help you resolve to stick to your plan, we are sharing delicious soup recipes that make a great lunch or dinner without breaking the calorie bank.  Besides, did you know […]