Sweet Dessert Style Salads

Sweet Dessert Style Salads

When it’s too hot outside to turn on the oven, simple dishes that don’t require any cooking are the perfect side dish for any barbecue.  These salads are also perfect when your oven and stove are too crowded to allow you to make that one extra side dish.  Here’s our list of simple sweet, dessert style, salads that require little or no cooking. 

Five Favorite Summer Desserts--Patty Cake's Pantry's favorite summer desserts--strawberry shortcake trifle, easy banana pudding, watergate salad, choclate eclair cake, pineapple rice pudding

Our Five Favorite Summer Desserts

What could be better than a delicious dessert that requires no cooking on a hot summer day?    I can’t think of anything.  These desserts are quick, easy, and delicious.  This is a collection of our favorite no-bake desserts.  Four of these recipes don’t even require you to turn on a stove.  That makes them very welcome additions to our table when it’s hot outside. Here’s our list of our five favorite summer desserts: Strawberry Shortcake Trifle in Mason Jars  I realize that the recipe says to use stale cookies, but you can use fresh ones, too.  This is one of […]

Patty C ake's Pantry's 10 most popular posts. These are the recipes that bring the readers to our site.

Top 10 Most Popular Posts

When we had my 200th post party, I was looking at the analytics on my site to find out which posts had the most views.    I was hoping to get an idea about what sort of posts were drawing traffic, so I could write more of that type of post.   I was surprised at some of the posts that held these top spots.  Here’s my list of the top 10 posts from my first 200: Spinach Salad with Dried Cranberries This is my version of the  Costco Spinach Salad.  It’s very easy to put together, and it tastes great.  […]

Watergate Salad

This is an old and easy salad recipe that dates back to my childhood.  It was allegedly created by a chef at the Watergate Hotel in D.C. and was  served at brunch and on weekends.  This may or may not be true.  The salad reportedly gained popularity after the political scandal of the same name  (Watergate Scandal) that began in June of 1972 when  there was a break in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex which is on the same 10 acre site as the hotel.  For more information about that scandal, refer to the […]