Good Tasting Guacamole Without Avocado – Fact or Fiction?

If you like guacamole, I have some sad news for you.  Apparently, there is a nationwide shortage of avocados due to the drought in California.   This shortage is driving up avocado prices which makes it more expensive to whip up a big bowl of guacamole to serve with chips and salsa.   At my house, the avocado shortage was not caused by drought conditions.  It was caused by this guy:

Siberian Husky trying to be adopted in the pound
Beautiful, the Siberian husky is a very charming dog. It’s tempting to adopt one from your local shelter; however, they are not the right dog for everyone. They are high energy and need lots of exercise and attention or they can become very destructive.

His name is Riddick, and he ate my avocado tree.  No, really!  While unsupervised in the yard, he chewed the branches off of my avocado tree one by one and finished by digging up the stump.  Except for the support post, which he showed no interest in,  it’s as if there was never a tree.  I have never seen a dog who eats trees before, and my family has owned dogs since I was born.   Someday, my son will move out and take his dog with him.  When he does, my garden will be safe from canine pruning. Riddick is also the reason I no longer have grape vines.  It’s not that Riddick is a bad dog.  He just has a lot of energy and gets bored easily.  Note to all readers:  If you like to garden, a Siberian Husky is not the best choice for a pet dog.  These dogs require a great deal of exercise, including daily walks.  Putting them into a large back yard and not walking them doesn’t work.  They get bored.  When they get bored, they dig and chew.  Huskies are notorious escape artists as well.   If you are planning to get a Husky, learn about the breed and ask yourself if you can really commit to going for a several mile walk, run, or bike ride with them every day.   If not, maybe you should look at a different breed for your next pet.  Unfortunately, Riddick doesn’t get walked daily.  My son claims that he is too busy.  We have another Husky.  She goes for a 5-mile walk every day.  She never attacks the landscaping.  There’s a saying:  “A tired Husky is a happy Husky.”  I would also add that a tired Husky is a less destructive Husky.

Tired Husky
A well exercised husky is a calm dog.

But alas, I seem to have gotten off topic.  While Riddick caused my personal shortage of avocados, my desire for a delicious guacamole to dip my chips in did not go away.  Unfortunately, my budget couldn’t accommodate the cost.  With avocado prices climbing, I tried several different “Mock-A-Mole” recipes.  One of them was made from broccoli, another from green peas.  Finally, there was one that used some avocado along with the peas, and there was even a recipe that made a guacamole substitute from asparagus.   One site featured a recipe for “Edamame Guacamole” which increased the protein while decreasing the fat.  Each of these recipes was very good.

In answer to my title question, the answer is that yes, there is such a thing as good tasting “guacamole” without avocado.  So if you find yourself without avocados, or you’re just trying to cut down on the fat in your diet, click on the links above and give each of these recipes a try.

In the meantime, I will be building fences and planting new trees and grapevines.  We’re so lucky to have Riddick.  He helps to make sure that we get our daily workouts done.

If you’re thinking of getting a dog, check out your local shelter.  If you want to make sure that the breed of dog you adopt is right for you, check out many of the on-line tests to help find the right dog for you.

Riddick's approval

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2 thoughts on “Good Tasting Guacamole Without Avocado – Fact or Fiction?

  1. Riddick looks way too innocent for chewing up the avocado tree. 🙂
    I love the “Mock-a-Mole” title. The avocado alternatives sound interesting.

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