Melon Salad in a Jar

Layered Melon Salad in a Jar

I must be feeling lazy this week because everything I’ve been making has been a cheat.  Today’s post is no different, but it was so cute, I had to share it.  I was cutting up some melons and packaging the chunks to take with our lunches.  I ran out of the plastic box-shaped containers, so I impulsively grabbed a wide mouth pint jar to fill with melon.   I scooped in equal portions of leftover watermelon, honey-dew, and cantaloupe.  The final result was very colorful as you can see in the photo above.

It’s no surprise to people who come to this site often, that I like the concept of  food and salad in a mason jar.   I have posted several variations on that theme, and I’m certain that I will have more posts that include artfully arranging layers of food in a jar.  The end results look too good to resist.

As I stared at my unintentional creation, I realized that there were several different occasions when the fruit salad could be useful.  It would work great on a picnic, allowing each picnicker to have their own container of melon.  The filled jars, or the smaller 8 ounce versions, would make a great addition to a buffet table either for a barbecue luncheon or for brunch.  They might help with portion control, too.

Any way you serve this layered melon salad in a jar, it’s sure to please your crowd .  I know it pleased mine.

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